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Penn Law Dropbox

Service available for: Full-time Faculty

  • To request a Dropbox Business account, please fill out the form on our Service Catalog.
  • Once provisioned, you can log in to your Penn Dropbox account at using your LawKey credentials.
  • It’s possible to link to a personal account from your Penn Dropbox account so you can access both simultaneously. Personal and business accounts require separate email addresses. Even though they are linked, the data in each account is completely separate, and Penn Law Dropbox admins cannot view or manage personal Dropbox accounts.

Penn Law Dropbox offers:

  • Unlimited data
  • Unlimited version history
  • Single sign-on (SSO) access using your Law School email address and login.

 Want to get started right away! Check out Dropbox’s Getting Started Guide.

Installation and Setup

Using Dropbox

Dropbox makes it easy to share your work and collaborate.

Storage and Security

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to Dropbox?

Request an account from ITS via our Service Catalog. Once provisioned, you will be able to login at using your Law School email address and password.

How do I enable two-factor for my Dropbox account?

To enable two-factor authentication on your Dropbox account, you need to set it up on your LawKey account. Instructions and more information about two-factor are available here.

How do I connect/disconnect my Personal account to my Penn Law Dropbox?

Dropbox provides instructions for connecting your personal and business accounts here:

How do I sign in to a personal and work account on all of my devices?

Instructions for downloading and using Dropbox across your devices can be found here:

I can’t add my Penn Law Dropbox to my mobile devices, which are already linked to my personal Dropbox account?

Log in to your Penn Dropbox account on the web (not on a mobile device). Click on your name and then “Settings”. From there, you can link your personal and Penn accounts. All of your devices should instantly recognize the change and give you the option of selecting your personal or Penn Law Dropbox.

I already have a Dropbox account with my Penn Law email address. What will happen?

If you want your pre-existing account to be a business account, you can merge it with your new Penn Law account. If you’d rather your pre-existing account remain personal, you can assign a personal email address to it instead of your Penn Law address. Dropbox will walk you through this process when you accept the invitation to join Penn Law Dropbox.

If I connect my personal Dropbox account to my Penn Law account, will my personal account be visible to Penn Law admins?

No. For more information, please see

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