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CrashPlan PROe WebPortal

The CrashPlan PROe web portal allows you to mange your backup devices, view backup statistics and restore (download) files from any of your backed up devices.

Sign in to the WebPortal

  • Open a web browser and enter this URL:
  • Enter your LawKey login (full email address ( and password) at the prompt to login

Using the WebPortal


  1. Link to Dashboard (current view)
  2. Link to devices on your account
  3. Link to account profile
  4. Theme toggle: light or dark
  5. Sign out link
  6. Current number devices online (connected through CrashPlan client software)
  7. Current total data stored from all devices
  8. Current number of devices backing up
  9. Recent locations of devices being backed up


  1. Options menu (not shown). Two options: Show deactivated devices and show backup alerts
  2. Add a device. Allows you to download the client software
  3. Device Over view table. Shows devices added to your account
  4. Name of the device: This is the computer name that the OS assigns
  5. Operating system: Windows or Mac
  6. Selected size of data to be backed up in megabytes
  7. Total backup progress 
  8. Total backup stored in megabytes
  9. Last backup activity
  10. Connection status
  11. Restore button: allows you to access and download backed up files from the device

IMPORTANT: Be sure to periodically review your devices and remove any old or unwanted backups. When you upgrade to a new computer, your old backup will still appear under devices unless you specifically remove it. To remove the old device and all associated backups with it — use the DEACTIVATE command.

 Restoring Files

This allows you to restore files to the computer you are working on by downloading them from your backup data. 

  1. This is from destination, this can be left as PROe Cloud 1
  2. you can enter a past date and CrashPlan will restore files from that date or the nearest data for which there is a backup
  3. Search your backup data for a specific file
  4. File navigation menu allows you to navigate to a specific location and choose the specific file you want to download.


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