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Course Portal: Schedule Recordings and Media

All of your class recordings and media requests are scheduled directly through the Course Portal. You may schedule a course recording up to one minute before the start of your class.

Each Friday you will receive an email confirmation of the upcoming week’s scheduled classroom technology. If you wish to opt out of the confirmations, please email us.

All other requests should be made before the day of your class. For same day requests, please call the ITS Media hotline at (215) 898-9570 or email

Using the Microphone

When recording your class, it is important to wear the lavalier microphone to ensure your voice is audible throughout your lecture. If you have any questions about how to use the microphones, please contact ITS Media at or (215) 898-9570.

Schedule Recordings and Media

  1. From the Course Portal, click Media Requests for your course.

    Media Requests
  2. Use the Shortcut box to add a request to all meetings.
  3. To customize individual sessions, scroll down and use the check boxes next to each class.
  4. Click Save Changes to save your choices.

Media Requests

IMPORTANT: Our recording system is automated. You must schedule your recordings BEFORE your scheduled class time.

Audio & Video Conferencing   

Audio and video conferencing may be used to enhance students’ educational experience. Faculty are expected to teach in person and are not permitted to use audio or video recording as a routine substitute for meeting classes in person. Due to the resources (staff and otherwise) required for setting up audio and video conferencing, requests for these services are subject to administrative approval and scheduling. Please contact the Deputy Deans for approval.

Last Minute Requests

If you need a recording after your class has started or have other same-day technology requests, please call the Media Hotline at (215) 898-9570.

Latest Tips

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