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Course Portal: Setup a Podcast

Enabling podcasts allows students in your class to automatically download all audio recordings posted for your course via their iPod or other device for easy playback. If podcast is not enabled, your students will still be able to access all published audio/video recordings through your course site via the Recordings page.

Enable Podcasts for your Course

We recommend enabling this only after add/drop is over since all course sites are viewable by all LawKey users.

  1. Click on the Manage Site link for your course.
  2. Click the Course Features tab, scroll to the Podcasts section, and select Active.
  3. Click Submit.

All newly published recordings will automatically be added to your podcast.

Add or Remove Existing Recordings to your Podcast

By default, existing recordings are not already added to the podcast feed. Recordings must be published before they can be added.

  1. Click on the Recordings link for your course.
  2. Click Add to Podcast or Remove from Podcast next to any published recording.

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