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Penn is currently migrating office phones to the new PennFlex platform, a next generation cloud based phone. In addition to enterprise quality phone features, PennFlex Phone offers enhanced functionality and flexibility including a mobile and desktop app so you can make and receive calls from your Penn phone line from anywhere.

PennFlex Phones FAQs

PennFlex Migration

 All Penn Carey Law phone lines/handsets should be migrated to the new PennFlex system. You can learn more about the PennFlex phone migration in our migration guide. Penn Carey Law fax lines will be migrating to a similar service in 2023.

If you still have an old “PennNet” handset or questions about recent changes, please email ITS.


Instructions for checking voicemail from your phone:

  • From the user’s PennFlex Phone: Press Messages button or dial 99999, then #. (follow the prompts to change greetings)
  • From another PennFlex Phone: Dial 86423 from another phone, enter * enter mailbox ID (ex:215898XXXX) followed by # key. enter the passcode, then #. (follow the prompts to change greetings)
  • From non-Penn Phone: Dial 215-898-6423 from a non-Penn phone, enter mailbox ID (ex:215898XXX) followed by the # key, enter the passcode, then #. (follow the prompts to change greetings)

Instructions for resetting voicemail password:

  • Go the login page for Enterprise portal. 
  • Under Login as an End user, click on the “Log in” Button.
  • You will be presented with a Penn Key login page. Please use your Penn Key username and password to log in.
  • Once you log in, in the left pane click on Voice Setting > Voicemail Settings.
  • In the next screen, please click on “change” for Voicemail Password.
  • In the New Password field, enter a numeric passcode.  Please note the passcode rules below:
    • Must be 6 digits in length
    • Cannot contain repetitive numbers (11111)
    • Cannot contain contiguous numbers (123456)
    • Cannot be the last password
    • Cannot contain the phone number, extension of the reverse.

Voicemail QuickStart guide can be found here

Configuring your Phone Settings

PennFlex Phone users can access the Vonage Enterprise Portal to configure settings such as call forwarding, voicemail and do not disturb. You can also view call analytics, such as missed, placed, and received calls.


Additional Guides

Other training material such as the PennFlex phone videos for MobileConnect, MobileConnect application installation guides, and PennFlex Phone user guides can be found here:


View information/guides for the legacy PennNet Phone system.


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