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LiveWhale CMS 1.4.4

An overview of new features & improvements.

New Compact View

Compact is great if you are using a small screen, or just want to see more at a glance.

Standard View


Compact View


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More Help & Tips

Answers to common questions & tips are now available in each section. Clicking the yellow box on any page will tell you more about that section.


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Restore Deleted Content: Trash

Delete something by accident? Restore deleted content from LiveWhale trash for up to a year. This includes: News, events, galleries, forms, blurbs, profiles, places , widgets, images &smp; files.


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Improved Searching (Backend CMS)

Cleaner interface using tabs (by content type). More accurate search results. Search now includes widgets.


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Improved Fitlering

Filter content by: status (hidden or live), tag, date, and doc type. Available in news, events, galleries, files, images & forms.


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Image Captions/Previews

This provides the option of adding & displaying a caption under the photo automatically. There is also an option to display an image preview when clicked.


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GIF/PNG Images Now Supported

Upload gif & png images & keep the transparency. This is often used for logos and you can now upload these yourself.


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UI Improvements to the Image Library

The 'Quick Upload' is bigger & easier to use. You can now filter the images by the year they were uploaded.


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Thumbnail Only Photos: News & Events

When attaching images to news stories/events, it is now possible to mark the image being used for the thumbnail as thumbnail only.


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Tag Library

Tags created within your group (local) are now highlighted in blue. Global tags are grayed out, and are no longer editable at the group level. It is now possible to see how often tags are used and where (both globally and locally).


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Places are now group-specific. Only places that have been created by your group will appear in the Places list. You can still see all global places when creating a News article or Event.


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Profile balloons: Profiles now use balloons to be sorted anyway you choose.
Profile types: Profiles can now be grouped into categories called types.


Custom fields: You can now define custom fields (by profile type).


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New Stream Widget

Ever wanted to display both news and events in a single widget? Now you can. The Stream widget combines other widgets into a single content stream.


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Forms Overview

Create simple forms that you can embed directly into your web pages. Form submissions can be emailed and/or saved to the database. Easily export the data to a CSV file or print out.


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Forms: New Features

When filling out forms, missing required fields are now highlighted. Enable/disable the use of captchas on a form-by-form basis. You can now specify one of the email address elements of a form as the "from" address in emailed submissions.


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More Everyday Awesome

  • Draft previews now open in a new window.
  • You can now preview page templates before selecting one.
  • Improved support for IE without Chrome Frame in backend LiveWhale management.
  • Plus many more... here

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Systems Availability

  • Our online services may not be available during these maintenance periods.

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    2nd & 4th Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm

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