Canvas Basics

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The Syllabus page contains the course syllabus document and a list of any events or assignments listed in the Course Calendar.

To view your course’s syllabus page, click on the Syllabus link in the Sidebar.

The Syllabus page consists of three main parts: a syllabus description [1], a syllabus table [2], and a syllabus calendar [3].


Syllabus Description

The syllabus description may contain the course description, a brief introduction, class guidelines, weekly reminders, and other important information.

Syllabus Table

Any course assignment or event will be listed in the bottom half of the Syllabus page with the undated items appearing at the bottom.

Syllabus Calendar

The Calendar displays dated events and assignments that your instructor has entered into Canvas. Using the Canvas Calendar Feed feature, you can import your Canvas Calendar into any Calendar app that takes iCal feeds, including Google, iCal, Outlook, Yahoo! Calendar, etc.

  1. Click Calendar in the Global Navigation Menu.


  1. Click on the Calendar Feed link in the bottom-right of the Calendar window.


  1. Click the click here to view this feed link. This will download an .ics file export of your calendar.


  1. Visit the following guides to learn how to import the Canvas Calendar export file (.ics) into the appropriate calendar application:

For more information, visit the Canvas guides on the Syllabus
Watch a video on the Syllabus


Announcements are communications from your instructor about any course activities. When your instructor makes an announcement, it will go to the announcements page of your course as well as your email address and anywhere else that you have configured announcements to be sent. To view an announcement in Canvas, click the Announcements link in the Sidebar of the course page.

Reply to Announcements

  1. Click the Announcements link in your course.


  1. Click the Announcement title to view the Announcement.


  1. Click the Reply field to reply to the Announcement.


  1. Format your response and add media, links, photos, and/or equations using the Rich Content Editor.


  1. Click the Post Reply button to post reply.

For more information, visit the Canvas guides on Announcements
Watch a video on Announcements


Assignments are online submissions that you can access from Assignments, Modules, Syllabus, or the Course Calendar.

Submitting an Assignment

  1. Click the Assignments link.


  1. Click the assignment title to open the assignment.


  1. Click Submit Assignment to submit your work.


  1. Click Choose File and browse for the file you want to upload for your submission.


  1. Click Submit Assignment.

For more information, visit the Canvas guides on Assignments
Watch a video on Assignments


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