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Seating Chart

Online seating charts provide an easy way for you to choose seats or to receive assigned seats from the instructor.

Select your Seat

Rooms with Seating Charts
  • Gittis 1

  • Gittis 2

  • Gittis 213

  • Gittis 214

  • Golkin 100

  • Silverman 240A

  • Silverman 240B

  • Silverman 245

  • Silverman 280

  • Tanenbaum 145

Seats can be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. After the end date, seat assignments are locked to the students; only the instructor may change them.


To select your own seat:

  1. Click on the Seating Chart button in the Sidebar of your course.image
  2. Choose an available seat and click Pick this Seat (please take note of your seat number). Your seat reservation can be changed any time before the End Date).image
  3. Click the Save Changes button, and then click the OK button in the confirmation window that appears.


Latest Tips

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