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As of Spring 2017, every classroom at Penn Carey Law uses the Panopto system for recordings.

Accessing Recordings in Canvas

Navigate to the Panopto Recordings tab in the Canvas course webpage. Click on a recording to watch it in a new window.


Viewing Recordings as Podcasts

Podcasting  must be enabled by the course instructor. Once podcasts have been enabled for your course, you will be able to download all of the available audio or video recordings for the course. You download podcasts using any application that accepts podcast subscription via RSS feed.

iOS users can subscribe to course recordings podcasts in iTunes. To subscribe, go to the Panopto Recordings tab on the Canvas course webpage and select the subscribe button.

Choose subscribe in iTunes or subscribe in iTunes (audio only).


Android users can subscribe to course recordings podcasts using a variety of podcast apps that accept an RSS feed subscription. To get the RSS feed, go to the Panopto Recordings tab on the Canvas course webpage and select the subscribe button (see above).

Choose subscribe to RSS or subscribe to RSS (audio only). This will open a new window. The RSS feed link is the URL of this new webpage. Add this RSS feed link to your podcast application of choice and begin to download your course recording podcasts.

Viewing Recordings in the Panopto App

The Panopto App allows you to stream videos directly from the Panopto website on your phone. The app is Android and iOS compatible.

1. To set up the app, first download the Panopto app from your preferred app store.

2. Then open up the Panopto app. Click SIGN IN in the upper right corner of the app.

3. Set your Panopto site address to “”.

4. Select sign in using PennLawCanvasLive from the dropdown menu and click the Sign in button.

5. Log on using your PennKey credentials. Please note that this can be a bit slow.

6. Once logged on, you can access all course recordings you would normally be able to access via Canvas. Videos are sorted with the most recent recordings at the top of the app.

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