Panopto Assignments Folder

Creating an Assignment Folder
1.1. In the parent folder, select the cog wheel icon in the upper right corner to open the folder’s Settings menu (Fig. 1).

enable assignments folder Figure 1

1.2. On the Overview tab, under Assignment Folder, select Create Assignment Folder (Fig. 2).

User-added image Figure 2

1.3. A link to the new assignment folder will automatically appear with the parent folder’s name and the word assignments in brackets next to it (Fig. 3).

User-added image Figure 3

1.4 Any users with the Viewer role on the parent folder will be able to record and upload videos to the assignments folder, as well as be able to edit and delete their own videos. They are also unable to change the folder’s settings and permissions, or view its statistics. They will not be able to see any other user’s videos in the folder, unless otherwise indicated.

1.4.a. To allow viewers to see others’ videos: Open the Settings menu for the Assignments folder and navigate to the Settings tab. Select the checkbox next to Allow viewers to see each other’s sessions (Fig. 4).

User-added image Figure 4

2. Recording to an assignment folder
2.1. Open your Panopto Recorder application.

2.2. At the top, under Session Settings, select the drop down menu and make sure to select the correlating assignments folder (Fig. 5).

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2.3. Select the Record button to begin recording the session (Fig. 6). To learn about recording with Panopto, please visit How to Record a Video and follow the steps listed for your respective operating system.

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2.4. After recording, the Viewer can verify that the session has been recorded by logging in to their Panopto site, selecting the assignment folder, and seeing that their video has been uploaded (Fig. 5). Note: they will only be able to edit and delete sessions after uploading them to the site.

User-added imageFigure 7

3. Closing an Assignment Folder
3.1. Once all Viewers have submitted to the assignment folder, or the deadline for the assignment has been reached, you can close the assignments folder. To do so, select the cog wheel icon in the upper right corner of the parent folder to open the Settings menu (Fig. 8).

User-added image Figure 8

3.2. Underneath Assignment Folder on the Overview tab, select Close (Fig. 9). Note: A pop-up window will appear to confirm that you want to close the folder, as this action cannot be undone. Closing an assignment folder prevents viewers of this folder from accessing and adding content to the assignment folder. The assignment folder and its content will remain accessible to you as a creator.

User-added image Figure 9

3.3. As noted above in 3.2., the folder creator will still be able to access the assignments folder and its submissions. It will appear as closed in the Assignment Folder section of the Settings menu for the parent folder and include the date on which it was closed (Fig. 10). Note: you can open a new assignments folder as needed by repeating section 1, Creating an Assignment Folder, above.

User-added image Figure 10