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NameCoach is a tool available in Canvas that allows students to voice record the pronunciation of their names. You only need to record your name once and it will be applied to all of your courses.  Your name recording will be available to your professor and other students enrolled in the course.

How to record your name:

  1. In Canvas, click “Account” | ”NameCoach Recorder”

    NameCoach Recorder

  2. Click the “Record Name” button.
    click record name
  3. Using the “Web Recorder” Click the “Record” button. A countdown will begin stating “Ready”, then “Set”, and finally, “Record”, once you see the “Record” prompt you may say your name, once you have finished recording click the “Stop” button. If the recording is satisfactory, click “Submit and Finish”.

    Web Recorder

How to listen to name recordings:


  1. In your Canvas course, click the “NameCoach” link in the left menu.

    The first time you access NameCoach, you will be prompted to authorize NameCoach to access your account.   NameCoach uses email to give permission to view the roster and listen to recordings. No other information is gathered when authorizing and it is only used to grant access to recordings.

    Click authorize


  2. Once in the course roster, you can edit your previous recording or listen to other recordings

    NameCoach Roster    

    1. Re-record my recording: Click the “edit this recording” button to edit your NameCoach recording
    2. Listen to other recordings: Click the Play button next to the corresponding user’s name to listen to their NameCoach recordin

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