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Media Requests and Recordings

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Media Requests allow faculty to select the instructional technology needed for their courses. If your class has been audio or video recorded, a copy of the recording will be automatically posted on the Recordings page of your Canvas course for your students to stream or download.

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Request Media/Recordings

All of your class recordings and media requests are scheduled directly through Canvas. You may schedule a course recording up to one minute before the start of your class.

Each Friday you will receive an email confirmation of the upcoming week’s scheduled classroom technology. If you wish to opt out of the confirmations, please email us.

All other requests should be made before the day of your class. For same day requests, please call the ITS Media hotline at (215) 898-9570 or email


Use the Shortcut box to to add or remove a technology request in all meetings.

Individual Course Meeting Requests

To customize individual sessions, scroll down and use the check boxes next to each class.

Manage Recordings

All class recordings are added to Canvas within 48 hours of your class session. Recordings will either appear as Published or Private recordings.

  • Published Recordings are visible to all students in your course when they click the Recordings link on your course site.
  • Private Recordings only appear for you on Canvas. You can choose to send them to individual students or publish them for the entire class.

Send a Private Recording

 You can make a private recording available to individual students and distribute them by email.

  1. From Canvas, click the Recordings link.
  2. Click the Email button next to the recording you wish to send.
  3. Use the Canvas Emailer that opens to compose your message then click Send.

Toggle Published/Private Status or Delete Recordings

You can toggle the published or private status of a recording through Canvas. You can also completely delete recordings if you no longer wish to have them available for anyone.

  1. From Canvas, click the Recordings link for your course.
  2. Click the PublishPrivate, or Delete button for an individual recording.

NOTE: Any private files that have already been distributed will no longer work once the file has been published. Students can then access the recordings through your course page.


Course Recording Retention Policy

ITS course recording retention policy is two years.  Old recordings are deleted annually on August 15th.  Instructors have the option to delete any unwanted recordings at any time. D