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Panopto: Scheduling Recordings

Note: As of Spring 2017, every classroom at Penn Law uses the Panopto system for recordings.


All class recordings are scheduled directly through the Canvas “Media Requests” page. 

  • Each Friday you will receive an email confirmation of the upcoming week’s scheduled classroom technology. If you wish to opt out of the confirmations, please email us.

  • All other requests should be made before the day of your class. For same day requests, please call the ITS Media hotline at (215) 898-9570 or email


Navigate to Canvas Media Requests

In Canvas, navigate to your course page and select the Media Requests link.

Note: “Media Requests” link is greyed-out because students do not see this link

Placement of the “Media Requests” and “Panopto Recordings” links on your Canvas page may appear lower or higher on the navigation list. To adjust the relative location of links, click the “Settings” link, and then “Navigation.”












Adding Recording Requests to all course meetings

From the Media Requests link in your Canvas course, you can use the Shortcut option to to add or remove a technology request (including recording) in all meetings.

NOTE: You can add “Recording” or “Recording-Private” to all classes. If you wish to make your recording audio-only, please select that option for each individual class session.





Adding Recording Requests to all individual course meetings meetings

To customize individual sessions, scroll down and use the check boxes next to each class. Be sure to click Save Changes after submitting your Media Requests.



Explanation of terms:

“Recording” or “Record class”

Choosing “Recording” or “Record Class” initiates a recording that includes the video camera, the PC screen, and synchronized audio. When students access the recordings, they see both the camera recording and the screen recording side-by-side. 

NOTE: if you want just a screen capture (and no video feed), or just a video feed (and no screen capture) please indicate this on the notes field of your media requests page.





Choosing “Make my recording audio-only” indicates that you want the video content removed from your recording. Students accessing audio recordings will see the following:



Private Recordings

Choosing a “Private” option for either Panopto recording or Audio recording means that students will have no access to recordings unless faculty grant them access. Managing Recordings uses a different interface than the previous recording system. See the help document on “Managing Panopto Recordings” for more information on how to grant students access to individual recordings.