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Announcements allow you to post messages to your course and are sent to students according to their notification preferences (the default setting is to notify students via email immediately).

NOTE: Announcements are separate and different from the Class Mailing List.  You cannot make an announcement by sending an email, that function is used by the Class Mailing List.

To make an announcement:

  1. Click the Announcements link on the left side of your course’s Canvas page.image
  2. Click the Make an Announcement button near the top of the page.image
  3. This opens up the Announcements window, which is very similar to a typical e-mail message, with a topic title [1], message body [2], and additional options [3].image
  4. When you are finished editing, click the Save button to post the Announcement.

For more information, visit the Canvas guides on Announcements
Watch a video on Announcements


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