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Announcements allow you to post messages to your course and are sent to students according to their notification preferences (the default setting is to notify students via email immediately).


Features Include:

  • Send and view announcements from within Canvas.
  • ITS recommends uploading files and emailing links instead of attaching files to an announcement (more info).  Attachments are limited to one per message and are not included in email notifications.
  • Once an announcement is posted, students are notified via their Canvas notification preferences. The default is to notify students via email immediately.
  • Announcement messages are archived within Canvas
  • Automatic subscription of enrolled students and instructors.  Faculty who add additional users to the course will also be subscribed.

To make an Announcement:

Open Announcements

In Course Navigation, click the Announcements link.


Add Announcement

Click the Add Announcement button.


Create Announcement


Type a title for the announcement in the topic title field [1] and add content in the Rich Content Editor [2].

In the Announcement Options, you can delay the posting of your announcement [3], require students to reply to a post before seeing other replies [4], enable an announcement podcast feed [5], and allow students to like announcement replies [6].

When you are finished editing, click the Save button to post the Announcement.


More Info about Announcements:


For more information, visit the Canvas guides on Announcements
Watch a video on Announcements


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