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Setting Up Your Course

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Copying Content from a Past Course

The Course Import Tool makes it easy to extract course content, assignments, and quizzes from previous semesters and quickly import them into existing courses. 

IMPORTANT: When copying course content, choose “Select Specific Content”


Copying all content will include old links for Course Information, Rosters, Drop/Add, Zoom, etc. which will not be relevant to your upcoming course.  

View copying specific content guide

View general copying guide

Edit Your Syllabus

Editing the Syllabus allows you to link files, images, other course content in your Syllabus Description by uploading them using the Content Selector.

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Syllabus Overview (Video)

Upload Files

Files can be placed in Modules, Assignments, or Pages.

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Upload Folders

You can import .zip files to Canvas through Files or Course Settings.

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Creating Modules

Modules are used to organize course content by weeks, units, or whatever organizational structure works for your course.

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Configuring Your Course Menu

You can hide and reorder links in the left navigation for your course depending on what your students need access to.

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Change Course Homepage

The Course Home Page is the first page that students see when they click the Home link in their Course Navigation.

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Using Draft State

Draft State is a new Canvas feature that allows you to post content in an unpublished state so that it is invisible to students.

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Publish Your Course

In order for enrolled students to view your course site and tools, it must be published.

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