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How to Delete Course Recordings

ITS course recording retention policy:

     ITS retains course recordings for two years, after which they are deleted (on August 31st). Instructors have the option to delete any unwanted recordings at any time. 


To Delete Unwanted Recordings

Login to myCourses at using your PennKey username and password and select your course.


Select the Panopto Recordings option in the left menu.



You will see all available recordings listed. Click the DELETE button under the recording you would like to permanently remove. 



Moving Recordings

You can also move recordings manually into your private class folder by clicking the “settings icon” while hovering over a recording from within the “Panopto Recordings” tab in Canvas. You can then change the folder by clicking “edit,” allowing you to select a new folder for the recording. Then hit “save” to apply changes. This will make a recording unavailable to students unless moved back to the main course folder or unless you add their email to the share tab and send the invite.

Sending Private Recordings -


If you would like all of your past course recordings deleted for a course, please email with your request. Please include the course number, title and term(s) and we will delete them on your behalf.