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Grade Sheets

Starting in Spring 2022, a new grade sheets application has replaced our legacy application. The new application provides a more automated, seamless, and modern experience. Please review the help doc below for how to access and submit your grades to the Registrar. If you need assistance, please contact ITS ( or 215.898.2589). 

In this guide:

Accessing the Grade Sheet

The Grade Sheets application is accessed via the “Grade Sheets” link in your Canvas course menu.



Your courses will be listed for the current term.

Once the Registrar’s office activates your grade sheet for your course, the status will be listed as “Instructor Grading Phase” and the button to View/Edit your gradesheet will be active. Click the “View/Edit” button to enter your grades.


By default, you will be presented with an anonymous grade sheet (Exam IDs only and no student names). If your course is not grading anonymously, click the button for “Grade This Course 100% Non-Anonymously” in the top right corner to switch to the non-anonymous grade sheet. (Note: once you switch grade sheets, you can not go back.)

Entering Grades

Using the grade drop-down menu, you will be able to enter in grades for your students. If a student has a border grade, check the border grade check box. The grade sheet will be saved automatically as you make changes. 

Grade Sheet

Option to Upload Grades via a CSV or Excel file:

Instructors can also upload a file (CSV, XLSX, etc.) with Exam ID and grade into the system. The easiest way to do this is to use the “Download” button at the top of your grade sheet to download a blank sheet. Add the grades and save the file locally. Then use the “Upload” button to import the grades.

Once the grades are uploaded, you can indicate border grades, participation, etc.  

IMPORTANT: you can return to your grade sheet multiple times to enter grades. Once you are finished, click the “Submit Grades”button to submit to the Registrar’s office. At that point, your grade sheet will be read only. (see Submitting your Completed Grade Sheet below.)

Grade Conformity (for 1L Elective or Required Courses)

If teaching a 1L Elective or Required course, you will see information about grade distribution and conformity to the curve grading policy on the right side of the grade sheet.


Indicating Senior Writing/Class Participation

Scroll down past the exam numbers to access a section of the grade sheet where you can indicate whether a student satisfies senior writing or class participation. 



Submitting your Completed Grade Sheet

Once you have completed entering in the grades, click the “Submit Grades” button in the top right corner. The Registrar’s office will be notified and will review your grade sheet. If for some reason you need to submit your grade sheet without conforming to any required curve, you can do so by clicking the “Submit Grades Off Curve” button. You will be given an opportunity to enter in any explanatory text for the Registrar’s office. 

Submit Grades


Accessing your Final Grade Sheet

Once the Registrar’s office completes their review, they will finalize your grade sheet. You will receive an email notification indicating the grade sheet has been finalized and can login to the system to view or download your final grade sheet (which will be decoded with student names if anonymous).  Final Grades

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