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Course Roster

The Course Roster provides a list of all the students in your course, organized in alphabetical order and accompanied by a photo.

View your course roster

Your Course Roster can be accessed in your Canvas course by clicking Course Roster in the Sidebar.

All of the students enrolled in your course are listed alphabetically along with their picture. Click on a student’s name to view their Canvas profile.

Send Email

You can send a student an email by clicking on the envelope icon below their picture

Print your course roster

To view and print a printer-friendly version of your Course Roster, click the Print button to the right of the course name.

View Options

There are 6 different view options available to choose from:

  • Photo View displays student name and photo. This is the default view.
  • Name View displays student name and email address only.
  • Facebook View displays student name, photo, class, degree, hometown, and previous academic experiences. (Extended info. may not be available for all students.)
  • Credit View displays student name, class, degree, and number of credits earned for this course.
  • Enrollment History View displays student name, class, degree, email address, photo and all courses the student has enrolled in at Penn Carey Law.
  • Profile Card View displays student name, class, degree, email address, hometown, and previous academic experiences. Formatted for printing on Avery 5388 index cards.

Rosters can also be exported to Excel by clicking on the Excel button listed under the options.  The spreadsheet includes all of the information available in Facebook View except for PennCard Photos.