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Course Evaluations

Most courses require students to fill out a course evaluation at the end of the term. There are 15 standard questions that are asked for every course. Instructors have the ability to add custom questions to their evaluations as well as select an alternate start date.

On this page you will find…

Access Course Evaluations

  1. Click the Evaluations link in the sidebar of your Canvas course.

Select an Alternate Start Date

If you would like to select an alternate opening day for your course evaluation, enter a date in the Opening Day box and click the Save Changes button.

NOTE: Please be sure that the Opening Day you select falls within the dates specified.

Add Custom Questions

  1. Click the Question Editor link.
  2. Select the type of the question (Choice, Percentage, or Essay) and type in the text of the question.
  3. Click Save Question.
  4. Custom questions will appear on the right side of the page under the Custom Questions heading.

Preview Evaluations

To preview your evaluation and see how it will look to your students, click the Preview Evaluation link.

Edit Evaluation Preferences

Instructors can also set their preference for how students can view their course evaluation results online.

By default, students can view both the essay/numeric responses during advanced registration and add/drop periods. This can be changed to Essay only, numeric only or omit completely on a course by course basis.

NOTE: If you would like to redact a comment from your evaluation, please send your course number, term, and the comment to Deputy Dean Paul George at

  1. Scroll down to the Course Evaluation Results Visibility Preferences box in the Evaluations page.
  2. Click on the drop-down menu and choose one of the options:
    • Show Both Essay/Numeric Responses
    • Show Essay Responses Only
    • Show Numeric Responses Only
    • Omit Evaluation Completely
  3. Click Save Changes.