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Class Mailing List

Message your students through an email address and manage the members and settings of your classlist through the Class Mailing List link in Canvas.

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ITS Recommends using the Announcements tool in Canvas to communicate with your class. More information at If you prefer to use the old Mailing List format, it is available through Penn’s Central Service. Please note that Penn has advised that they too will be replacing their class mailing list service with Canvas Announcements in a year or two. 

Important guidelines for class mailing lists

Class mailing lists are now provided through Penn’s central service. Please review the important guidelines below.

  • List addresses will use the format [classlist name] (e.g. LAW-9990-001-202230@LISTS.UPENN.EDU)
  • Instructors (configured in Pennant) and enrolled students are automatically subscribed using their email address in the Penn Directory (Instructors will be able to send from that address only unless they manually add additional email addresses as senders).
  • Instructors can manage list membership via a Classlist Admin web interface maintained by Penn ISC
  • Lists are kept active for 1 month after the term ends.
  • By default, only the instructor can send mail to the list.
  • All replies to messages sent by any list member are only sent to the sender.
  • The sender of a message to the list also receives a copy of the message.

 Some FAQs about the service are available at

How to email your classlist

To send a mesage to your classlist, create a new email message and send it to
[classlist name]

 A valid list name for a 2022 fall course number 999, section 001 would be: LAW-9990-001-202230@LISTS.UPENN.EDU.

From your course in Canvas, you can also click the Class Mailing List option in the left menu and you will see a link to email your class list.

In order to send an email to your list, you must send the message from your primary Penn Carey Law email address that is listed in the Law/Penn Directories. You can also add additional send as addresses by logging in to the Classlist Admin and selecting Change Options from the menu. Enter in your course mailing list address and click Send request. Under Owners, add the additional email address as well as your Penn ID and click Submit.

Starting in Spring 2024: After you send the email to your class mailing list, you will be required to confirm the email before it is delivered to your class.

  • Draft and send the email to your class mailing list as usual.
  • Shortly after you send the message, you will receive an email from LISTS.UPENN.EDU LISTSERV asking that you reply and type OK in the text of your reply message.
  • Once you reply, the original message will be sent to the class.

This new security setting is required for all Penn Class Mailing lists to prevent email spoofing of senders (so no one can contact a class mailing list pretending to be a faculty member).

Adding a New Member

By default, all students enrolled in your course will be members of your list. To add someone who is not enrolled in the class, such as a teaching assistant, you must use the “Add a member” selection from the Classlist Admin.

Select the Add a Member option from the menu. Enter in the classlist name as well as the full email address and name oof the person you would like to add. Click Send Request.