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Class Mailing List

Message your students through an email address and manage the members and settings of your classlist through the Class Mailing List link in myCourses or Canvas.

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Important guidelines for Law School class mailing lists

  • You must email the class mailing list from your preferred email program; you cannot compose and send the message from within the your course site.
  • By default, the faculty owner and all students enrolled in the class can send mail to the list.
  • All replies to messages sent by any list member are only sent to the sender.
  • The sender of a message to the list also receives a copy of the message.

How to email your classlist

You can email your classlist by clicking on the link labeled “Send email to” at the top of the Class Mailing List page:


Clicking on this link will open up a new message in your default mail client addressed to your classlist.  If you wish to send the message via Webmail, you will have to copy and paste this link. 

Classlist names follow the format of: where the #’s are replaced by the course number, section number, year and term letter (year is 14 and spring term letter is “A”).

A valid listname for a 2014 spring semester course number 999, section 001 would be: LAW999-001-14A@LAW.UPENN.EDU.

Important Note: in order to send an email to your list, you must send the message from your Penn Law email account or manually add an additional account using the Class Mailing List Tool in myCourses (instructions below). If you are an adjunct faculty member, your forwarding address will be automatically added as approved sender to your list.

View the Mailing List Archive

You can access the Class Mailing List Archive by clicking on the Class Mailing List link in the left sidebar. 


Class Mailing List Options

Senders: By default, all members of a classlist will be able to send mail to the list. If you would like to change this option so that only classlist administrators can send to the list, select Administrators Only from the Senders box.

Reply: All replies to a message are sent to the original author of the message only. Use the “Reply to All” or “Group Reply” option in your email client to reply to both the original sender and the entire classlist.


Membership Controls

Enrolled students are automatically members of your class mailing list.  To view and manage the current members of your classlist, use the Manage Administrator, Manage Custom Member or Manage Enrolled Student options.



Within the Manage Administrator, Manage Custom Member or Manage Enrolled Student sections, you will be able to view all list members. Members are grouped by category (e.g. whether they are a list administrator, have been added via the web interface, or if they are an enrolled student.) Use this interface to delete administrators or members added via the web. You will not be able to delete enrolled students.

Note: If an enrolled student drops your course, they will automatically be removed from your list. You can also change whether a member should send or receive mail.

Adding a New Member

If you would like to add an additional member (or email address) that can send and/or receive mail to the list, use the Add New Member option. 


When adding a new member or email address to your classlist, you will be required to include their email address and select whether the member should receive mail or be a classlist administrator. The LawKey Username and Name fields are optional but are helpful when managing/viewing your current list membership.

Administrators Using Class Mailing Lists

Administrators can also send to Class Mailing Lists by sending from their department’s email alias in Outlook.

NOTE: You must request permission from ITS to send to Class Mailing Lists. After permission is granted, please follow these steps to set up the department’s email alias as a new From address in Outlook.

  1. Open a New E-mail window and click on the Options tab.
  2. Click on the From button in the Show Fields section. This will add From: as a field in your email message with your Penn Law email address listed as default.
  3. Click on the From button next to your Penn Law email address and select Other E-mail address.
  4. You will be prompted to enter the email address that you’d like to send from. Do not type in the email address in this window; instead, click on the From button once again and type the name of your department in the search box.
  5. Double-click on the alias you wish to use from the list that appears. This will close the address book and display the email alias in the From window. Click OK.


When you are finished, you will notice that the From field in your email message will say your department’s email alias.

After doing this process once, the alias will always be available in the From drop-down menu.