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Camtasia is an all-in-one video recorder and editing platform. To request a license and training, please email




How is Camtasia difference from Panopto? Both are similar platforms. but Camtasia is more flexible and provides a richer editing and recording experience. Camtasia is more difficult to use than Panopto. However, once you learn the program, you have more ways to create and edit your videos.

Panopto is great for videos that require little editing. See our Panopto support document here

What features does Camtasia offer? Camtasia offers the following features not supported in Panopto:

  • Advanced video/screen recording editing: edit together multiple clips, add visuals
  • Advanced audio recording: separate audio and video
  • Flexible recording options: start and stop your recording, and edit pieces together later
  • Transitions: add cross-fades and transitions between clips
  • On-screen text: add captions, text and titles
  • More info in features here:

Should I use Camtasia or Panopto for my project?

  1. If you are comfortable in a non-linear editing program already like iMovie, Camtasia will look familiar.
  2. If you have tried Panopto already and want something more powerful/complex, try Camtasia.
  3. If you want to edit together multiple clips, add text or images, try Camtasia.

If I create a video in Camtasia, where do I post it so my students can see it? Videos created in Camtasia can be uploaded to your Panopto Recordings folder on Canvas so your students can watch them.

Any downsides to using Camtasia? Camtasia does not have the picture-in-picture feature that Panopto offers. In Panopto you can record both your screen AND your video camera at the same time and students can switch between these two views. Camtasia does not offer this functionality.

There is a learning curve to using Camtasia. There are extensive training videos available to learn how to use the program?

How do I get started? Fill out this form to request a license.


1. Download Camtasia

2. Install Camtasia (restart required)

3. Enter License Key

Open Camtasia and enter your license key (ITS will send this to you)

  • Click “Unlock Camtasia”
  • unlock camtasia
  • enter license key
  • Camtasia will ask you if you want to create a login with TechSmith to keep your license key, or start using Camtasia right away.
  • signinto camtasia


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