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Calendar How-To

What’s New with the Calendar?

We are moving from the EMS calendar software to a new calendar that is part of the LiveWhale CMS. The calendar will no longer be connected to room reservations. You will need to make your room reservations separately at

How to Add a New Event

To add your event to the calendar, click the Add New Event link from the calendar ( top nav. You will be prompted to login with your LawKey  username and password (if you are not logged in already.) You can also login to the CMS directly. This will take you to the interface that shows your existing events as well as a link to add new events.



Enter the details of your event in the form.

Event Title: The title of your event


Start Date & Time: If the event is an all day event and does not start at a specific time, leave the time blank and check the box “All Day”
End Date & Time: Optional but we recommend you enter one in.


Summary:  The summary will be displayed on the calendar list pages. We recommend that every event added to the calendar has a summary. It should be a few short sentences and include who the event is open to and information about the event such as the speaker.


The summary will be displayed below the event title.CalendarEventListing.JPG

Event Description: The details of the event. This will be displayed on the event details page. You can add photos, videos and other details if necessary to your event.


Location: If your event is being held at the Law School, you will see the location popup under Plot this event (as you start typing on the location.) You can select the option to use this location once the correct one appears. This will keep the location names consistent.


Category: Select the relevant categories that relate to your event.


Tags: If your event is related to a particular institute/clinic/etc, you can tag it with that group. Tags are used to display events in various locations throughout the web site.


Images: You can add a single image or image slideshow to your event details page.


Related Content: You can enter the url of a site that has more information about the event.


Contact Info:  You can include contact information in this box or in the event description box. This is an optional field.


Click the Save button to save your changes.

By default, your event status is pending. Your event will not appear on the web site until a member of the Communications department has reviewed and approved it.

Note: The Communications department determines which events are displayed on the web site homepage:

How to Update Existing Events

You can modify existing events (that you added) by logging in to the CMS at

 By default, you will see all of the events you have added to the calendar listed. You can also switch your view to see your events by status (approved or pending. ) Click the event name to edit the event information.


To delete an event, select the check box next to the event and then select Delete from the dropdown menu.

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