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Calendar How-To: For CMS Users

Adding/Managing Events

CMS users will also serve as calendar admins for your various departments. You will be able to add events to the calendar and manage existing events that you added or that have been added by other members of your group. Events can be managed through the backend CMS interface or through the front end calendar.

Via the Backend CMS Interface

Login to the LiveWhale CMS and click the Events tab.


Live Whale - Events Tab



Click the Add New Event button to add a new event. To update an existing event, locate it on the calendar and click the event title.


Live Whale - Add an Event


Via the Front End Calendar

Access the calendar at If you are not already logged in (you don’t see the LiveWhale toolbar at the top of the page,) click the login link in the page footer.  To add a new event, click the Submit an Event link.


To edit an existing event (that you or someone in your group created), locate the event on the calendar and click to view the event details. You will see an “Edit this event” button below the event details. (Note: you need to be logged into the CMS to see this. If you do not see the option, click the login link in the page footer.)


Calendar Events Edit Details LiveWhale CMS


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Add New Event Form

Below is a breakdown of the fields in the New Event Form

Event Title: The title of your event

Images: You can add a single image or image slideshow to your event details page.

Summary:  The summary will be displayed on the calendar list pages. We recommend that every event added to the calendar has a summary. It should be a few short sentences and include who the event is open to and information about the event such as the speaker.

Calendar Events Add Title Field LiveWhale CMS

The summary is displayed in the event listing below the event title.

Start Date & Time: If the event is an all day event and does not start at a specific time, leave the time blank and check the box “All Day”
End Date & Time: Optional but we recommend you enter one by checking “Add ending date & time” 


Calendar Events Add Date Field LiveWhale CMS


Location: If your event is being held at the Law School, you will see the location popup under Plot this event (as you start typing on the location.) You can select the option to use this location once the correct one appears. This will keep the location names consistent.


Calendar Events Location Field LiveWhale CMS

Event Description: The details of the event. This will be displayed on the event details page. You can add photos, videos and other details if necessary to your event.


Calendar Events Description Field LiveWhale CMS


Event Status: By default, your event status is hidden. To display your event on the live calendar, please change the status to live.


Event Type: Select the relevant categories that relate to your event. (Academic & Registrar categories are reserved only for those groups)

Calendar Events Event Type Field LiveWhale CMS

Tags: If your event is related to a particular institute/clinic/etc, you can tag it with that group. Tags are used to display events in various locations throughout the web site.


Calendar Events Tags Field LiveWhale CMS


Related Content: You can enter the url of a site that has more information about the event. You can also link to a news story, gallery or other event in your group.


Calendar Events Related Content Field LiveWhale CMS


Contact Info:  You must include contact information in this box, it can be your own information or your department’s information.


Calendar Events Contact Field LiveWhale CMS


The contact information is displayed below the location map on the event details page.


Calendar Event Details Contact LiveWhale CMS


Click the Save button to save your changes.


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You can include a basic registration form right on your event details page. This can work for simple RSVP’s. Check the box “RSVP” to enable this feature.


Calendar Events RSVP - 1 Field LiveWhale CMS


If you would like to limit the number of online registrants, then enter a number in the “Maximum RSVP attendees” box. You may also limit the number of attendees per RSVP as well as enable a waitlist for visitors who RSVP after the attendee limit is reached.

This is optional (just leave blank if you do not want to limit.) 


Calendar Events Add Limit RSVP LiveWhale CMS

The form will be added to your event details page with the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, # People Attending, and a Comments box.

If you checked the option to limit the number of registrants, the form will use the # people attending field to calculate the number of slots that are available. If a user tries to register for more slots than are available, the system will return the message indicating the number of slots that are available. Once capacity is filled, the registration form is removed from the page and the message “Registration for this event is now closed” is displayed.


Calendar Events Registration Form LiveWhale CMS

Note: You cannot alter the event registration form. If you need to setup a more detailed event RSVP, please use the survey tool. This feature is only available to CMS users. Other members of the School community will not see this option when adding an event to the calendar and will need to continue to use the survey tool for event registrations.

You will be able to view your registrations via the RSVP link under the Events tab.


Calendar Events RSVP Tab LiveWhale CMS

Click on the registration to see the details about who signed up. You can download the information to Excel or print the list.


Calendar Events RSVP Details LiveWhale CMS

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Delete an Event

From the event details form, click the Delete event link located in the top right corner. This will remove the event from the calendar. Please do not delete an event that was up for a long time but has been canceled, select the Cancel Event option for that instead.


Calendar Events Delete LiveWhale CMS

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