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Faculty Calendar Invitation System

You can send calendar invitations to faculty that respect their faculty calendar invitation preferences. This preference will be applied whenever mail is sent out using the +cal email filter. Penn Law’s mail servers will automatically convert the invitiation to the iCalendar format for those who prefer it.

Send an Invitation

Invitations can be sent by adding +cal before the @ sign of any faculty Law School email address or alias containing a faculty address.

To send invitations using this service, you will need to use Microsoft Outlook. Other mail clients are not supported.

  1. Click Calendar on the left-hand navigation pane and choose New.
  2. Click the Invite Attendees button.
  3. In the To field, enter the address(es) you wish to send to with +cal added right before the @ sign.
    For example, to send to an invitation to the alias, you would use the email address
  4. Set a Location, Time, and compose your message.
  5. In the Attendees group, click the Responses button, and deslect Request Responses. If your window is not large enough, you may only see the icon below.
    Request Responses
  6. Click Send.

Standing Faculty: Change Your Preference

  1. Visit the Law Directory.
  2. Scroll down to the Update section and click the To update your information click here link.
  3. Click Personal Info at the top of the page.
  4. Scroll down to Faculty Calendar Invitation System Preference and select your preference.
  5. Click Update.

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