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Special Calendar Event Tags and Categories

There are several tags and group rules used to specifically block events from the main calendar and only display them in specific locations.

These special tags are:

  • Library Hours
  • Library Event Private
  • Careers Calendar
  • Docs Only Event
  • Pending Event
  • Private Event
  • Offcampus
  • Faculty Only
  • Faculty Committees

Registrar and Admitted JD are set up to have all events added in their groups blocked from the main calendar as well.

Special Tags

  • Library hours

    This tag blocks daily library hours times from being listed on the main calendar and shows up on the custom Library calendar
  • Library Event Private

    This tag blocks all private library events from the calendar and only shows them on the Lirbary events widget.
  • Careers Calendar

    This tag is blocked from the main calendar since it is used mainly for career recruiting/bidding/resume submission deadlines for students rather than events.
  • Docs Only Event

    Documentary screening related items that only need to appear on the Documentaries site, that are not Pennlaw events.
  • Pending Event

    This is a general tag that all groups can use which blocks it from the main calendar and all event widgets, and shows up on the Conferences and Events calendar.
  • Private Event

    Tag used for planning calendar, as above, but for events that don’t need to show up at all on the public calendar.
  • Offcampus

    Events that are not held at Pennlaw and are related to either the students or department related events but need to show up on the website in specific places.

Faculty Tags

  • Faculty Only

    Events that are open for faculty only, for example, workshops/conferences/roundtables that only faculty are invited to/able to access. Tag specifically for FSS use.
  • Faculty by Invitation

    Events that are open for faculty only and by faculty-to-faculty invitation only. This tag was created so that faculty are aware of colleagues’ events – even if they’re not invited – for their event scheduling purposes. Tag specifically for FSS use.
  • Faculty Committees

    For use by Committee Administrative Support.
  • Faculty Encouraged to Attend

    Anyone can use this tag when they seek faculty interest/attendance at an event they are hosting – e.g. students, CP&P, admissions.

Special groups

In addition to these tags, content from the groups below are blocked from the main calendar as well:

  • Registrar

    All events added in the Registrar group are blocked from the Class related announcements that show up on community boards and the registrar calendar.
  • Admitted JD

    Like Registrar, all events added in the Admitted JD group are blocked from the main calendar.



Events now require at least one category when added to the CMS. These categories decide what gets sent to the group specific On the Docket notices that get sent out every morning.

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