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What’s new in Internet Explorer 10?

Internet Explorer 10 keeps the same user interface design as Internet Explorer 9, but there are some significant changes worth noting.

Faster and More Secure

Internet Explorer 10 has many under the hood improvements, including faster program startup time, page load speeds, and security from malicious sites.  Microsoft boasts that IE10 loads web pages 20% faster than before, and has also improved previously implemented security features such as SmartScreen Filter and Tracking Protection.

Do Not Track

By default, Internet Explorer 10 has a feature called “Do Not Track” enabled.  This feature sends a request to websites you visit expressing a preference that the site not store automatically shared information (such as cookies, your IP address, browser, and other standard computer information).  You can turn this feature off by following the steps listed in this Microsoft article.


With Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft has integrated a spellcheck feature directly into the browser.  If you are entering text on a page, you will notice a red underline highlighting misspelled words.  You can right click on these misspelled words to view suggestions or add the word to your dictionary so that word is no longer flagged.

If you have any questions or concerns about upgrading to Internet Explorer 10, please email

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