What’s New in Firefox?

Although the Firefox update contains considerable improvements, it also contains significant interface changes. Here is a quick guide to help make the transition seamless: 

Menu and Bookmarks Bar

The Menu Bar (containing File, Edit, View, etc.) and the Bookmarks Bar may be hidden after the update.  If so, you simply need to right-click in the blank space next to your open tab and select Menu Bar and/or Bookmarks Bar if they are unchecked.


*NOTE: As a part of the update package, we will be pushing four new bookmarks containing updated links to our main Penn Law website, Student Directory, Fac/Staff Directory, and ITS Online.  Any previous bookmarks will not be deleted.  So if you have the old links in your bookmark bar, please right-click them and select delete.

Back, Refresh, and Home Buttons

The Back, Refresh, and Home buttons have a new design and location.

  • The Back button is located to the left of the Address Bar.
  • The Refresh button is located inside the Address Bar at the very right
  • The Home button is located to the right of the Address Bar and Google Bar (if installed)


For more information on how to customize your Firefox buttons, please visit Mozilla’s support article.

Add-On Compatibility

When you first open Firefox after the update, it will check your add-ons for compatibility with the newest version.  If you have any questions about whether or not to disable or update the the add-on, please email itshelp@law.upenn.edu or call us at 8-9140.


For a more detailed explanation of the new features in Firefox 20, please visit Mozilla’s support page.


Systems Availability

  • Our online services may not be available during these maintenance periods.

    Fridays: 5pm-midnight
    2nd & 4th Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm

    Tuesdays: 5am-7am
    Thursdays: 5pm-7pm