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What’s New in Firefox 30?

Although the Firefox update contains considerable improvements, it also contains significant interface changes. Here is a quick guide to help make the transition seamless:

On this page you will find…

Simplified Interface

The appearance of the tabs has been updated for a more sleek and modern look.

The Menu Bar (containing File, Edit, View, etc.) and the Bookmarks Bar may be hidden after the update.  If so, you simply need to right-click in the blank space next to your open tab and select Menu Bar and/or Bookmarks Bar if they are unchecked.

*NOTE: As a part of the update package, we will be pushing four new bookmarks containing updated links to our main Penn Law website, Student Directory, Fac/Staff Directory, and ITS Online.  Any previous bookmarks will not be deleted.  If you have the old links in your bookmark bar, please right-click them and select delete.

New Menu

The new menu includes popular browser controls, features, and add-ons in one place to make it easier and faster to access them.

Customizing the Menu

The menu is completely customizable so you can edit or add features you use most.

  1. Click the menu button new fx menu and choose Customize.

  1. A special tab will open which allows you to drag and drop items in or out of the menu and the toolbar.

  1. When you are done, click the green Exit Customize button.

Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync gives you access to web history, saved passwords, bookmarks, open tabs and form data across your computers and mobile Android devices. To get started with Firefox Sync, click “Sign in to Sync” in the Firefox menu and create a Firefox account.

For a more detailed explanation of the new features in Firefox 30, please visit Mozilla’s support page.

Latest Tips

  • Please review our instructions carefully. ITS will also have a pop-up Help Desk at the Clock April 17, 19 and 20 from noon-1pm for students who need help.
  • The Box team recently announced a new and improved, more personalized user experience with interface changes and backend improvements. Read on for more details