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Internet Explorer 9


   What’s New:

Watch a video on what’s changed in IE9

Notification Bar:

Internet Explorer 9 displays notifications that require action at the bottom of your screen. Keep an eye out for this bar as websites may not display correctly if you ignore the prompt.



Other New Features:


Find Familiar Features:

Send & Print Pages

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Internet Explorer 9:

Access Favorites:

Internet Explorer 8:
Internet Explorer 9:


Exporting from Ben

If your department uses Ben, please be aware that if you click File-> Export in PO Manager, the TSV file no longer opens automatically. In IE9, the file opens in a window behind the current one and requires you to click open or save.


Other Changes

  • Internet Explorer 9 will reorder your favorites drop-down in A-Z order.
  • If you had Google toolbar installed, it will need to be re-installed after the update. Please contact for assistance. NOTE: In IE 9, you can just type search terms directly in the URL bar and hit return and it will search Google.
  • For a full list of IE 9 features, visit Microsoft’s Discover Internet Explorer 9 page.

Latest Tips

  • AirPennNet-Guest Wifi will be upgraded on April 27th. Device registration will require just an email address and guests will need to renew registration daily. Penn Law faculty, staff and students should all be using AirPennNet – not AirPennNet-Guest for Wifi.
  • The Penn Law Directory is available for members of the law school community to share contact information. Here are some important reminders.