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Using the Penn+Box Upload Widget to Receive Files from Others


If you find yourself in need of a way to quickly and easily receive file submissions, (e.g. resumes, cover letters, statements), you may want to consider the Penn+Box Upload Widget.

The Upload Widget lets you create a simple form that will upload the requested files to any folder you specify in Penn+Box.

This widget can then be embedded anywhere you have the option to use an HTML editor such as a blog/web page.

Here’s how you create one yourself,

  1. Make a folder in Penn+Box where you would like the files people upload to go, if you would prefer to use an existing folder then skip this step and go to that folder.
  1. In the “actions” menu for the folder you would like select “Embed folder in your site” and then choose “Upload Widget.”
  2. In this tab you’ll find the HTML code you need to embed your widget, you can also choose to customize your widget or use the default settings.
  3. When you’ve created and embedded your new Upload Widget it should look something like this,

Now anyone you’ve requested a file from can quickly and easily upload right to your Penn+Box. As files are uploaded you should see them appearing in the folder you’ve chosen.