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What is Penn+box?

Penn+Box is a cloud-based service for storing/sharing content. It is available to all active Penn faculty, staff, and students.

  • Easily upload content & organize it into folders.
  • Share links to files & manage file/folder permissions.
  • Turn folders into shared online workspaces. Invite people to view, edit and upload files. 
  • View your content from any computer or mobile device.

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How is Penn+Box different from Box?

Box updates (09/14/17)

The Box team recently announced a new and improved, more personalized user experience with interface changes and a reworked backend foundation. Improvements include:

  • A clearer layout and simpler navigation
  • Improved, advanced search feature that allows searching by clicking on owner/date edited/file type
  • Switch between list or thumbnails views easily and watch HD and 360 videos on Box without downloading

 Learn more about these changes: