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File Versions

  • If an uploaded file has the same name as a file already on Box, it creates a new version of that file.
  • The most recently uploaded file automatically defaults as the current version.
  • For every file, Box keeps the last 10 versions available. If for any reason you make a mistake, you can easily use a previous version.
  • Each version is time-stamped, and can be identified by upload date. You can change the status of any version to be the current version, or download any version individually.

Working with versions

  1. If there are multiple versions of a file, the versions are available by a link below the filename. The link is always formated as “V#” where # is the number of versions of that particular file.


  1. A new dialog window will appear with the 10 most recent file versions. Choose to download a version, make a version current, upload a new version, or close the window.