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Microsoft Copilot 


Microsoft Copilot provides AI-powered web search, answers, content generation, and information summarization via your web browser. It is available for use by full-time Penn Carey Law faculty and staff. Copilot provides access to powerful AI and is built on the latest large language models, GPT-4 and DALL-E 3. It’s grounded in the Bing search index to provide responses with the most current information and verifiable citations for transparency. 

Copilot is protected by Penn’s data security agreements with Microsoft, as long as you’re logged in with your Penn Carey Law O365 account.


Access via the Edge browser

Be sure you are logged in with your Penn Carey Law account (your email address and LawKey password) to access Copilot (and not the consumer-based Copilot service). You will see the green “protected” icon if properly signed in.

Screenshot showing protected version Copilot









  • Be sure you are logged in with your Law school account so you are using Penn Carey Law’s protected Copilot service and not the consumer grade service.
  • Please review Penn’s AI guidance carefully before using generative AI for University business. 
  • Microsoft Copilot does not save any chat history, and it does not retain chat prompts or responses. Microsoft has no eyes-on access to it to train the underlying models.