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Add Your Law Directory Photo to Skype for Business and Outlook (Faculty/Staff only)

You can synchronize your Law Directory photo with Skype for Business and Outlook to have your picture appear along side your emails and messages for other members of the Penn Law community. See below for examples of how your photo will look.

How to Enable Photo Syncing

  1. Visit the Law Directory.
  2. Click Update My Information.
  3. Under Photo, click I wish to have my photograph viewable in Outlook/Skype for Business.
  4. Click Submit.

Your photo will not immediately be viewable in Skype for Business or Outlook. It can take up to an hour for others to see your photo and you will not see it in Skype for Business until you restart the next day.

How to Upload a New Photo

When uploading a new photo, you should take the time to crop it in accordance with our upload requirements listed on the photo upload page. Take a look at the Crop a picture using Paint tutorial if you need to learn how.

  1. Visit the Law Directory.
  2. Click Update My Information.
  3. Under Photo, click review the photo guidelines and upload it here and follow the instructions.
  4. Click Submit.

Note: Please remember, this is the photo that will appear in the Law Directory and should be appropriate for a photo ID. If your photo does not meet the listed guidelines, it will be removed.

Skype for Business and Outlook Photo Samples

Skype for Business


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