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Students: LawKey & PennKey Account Help

While at Penn Carey Law, you will make frequent use of two accounts: LawKey & PennKey. Both accounts share the same username, but need to be activated separately. We recommend you pick different passwords for each account.

ALL students are required to enroll in Two-Step Verification (aka MFA) for both PennKey and LawKey accounts as well as enroll in PennKey SSPR (Self-Service Password Reset).

LawKey & PennKey? What’s the Difference?

Your LawKey (or Microsoft 365 account) is used to access your email, calendar, Teams, and other Microsoft 365 services. Your PennKey is used for the Canvas LMS, AirPennNet, and other resources. Please see below for specifics.



Microsoft 365 Resources including:

  • Email/Calendar
  • SharePoint Online
  • Teams

PennKey Account

  • Canvas LMS
  • Password protected sections of the Law school web site
  • AirPennNet (WiFi)
  • Path@Penn
  • Central Library Resources
  • The Law Directory


 How Do I Change my Password?


  • If you know your LawKey credentials:
  1. Sign in to with your work or school account. Once signed in, click on the Settings icon and then select “Change your password.”
    LawKey Reset Link Screenshot


 Help! I Forgot my Password!



  • If you are enrolled in PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR), you can reset your password using the PennKey SSPR Tool.
  • Everyone else: please email or call ITS at (215) 898-2679.

All students should enroll in PennKey SSPR. If you are not enrolled, you may experience delays with password resets.

How Do I Get a PennKey/LawKey?

Please visit our JD Admitted Students Technology Guide or our Grad Admitted Students Technology Guide for instructions on activating your accounts. 

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