Adjuncts: LawKey & PennKey Account Help

At Penn Law, you will make frequent use of two accounts: your LawKey and your PennKey. Each account is activated separately, but share the same username. While we don’t recommend it, you are allowed to use the same password for both accounts.


If you need a PennKey or forgot your password, please call 215.898.2589 or email

If you are not sure if you know your PennKey password, you can use the Test My PennKey tool.


If you forgot your LawKey password, please visit the Get LawKey Tool. An activation link and password reset code will automatically be sent to your email forwarding address.

To change your LawKey password, please visit the Change LawKey Password To

LawKey & PennKey? What’s the Difference?

Your LawKey is used to access a set of services provided by the Law School including your email and computer log in. Your PennKey is used for the myCourses site and Canvas LMS as well as resources provided by the central campus. Please see below for specifics.

LawKey PennKey
  • Law School Computers, Printing, Email, and Forwarding
  • Password protected sections of the Law school web site including the Commons and the Law Directory.
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Course Portal
  • myCourses & the Canvas LMS
  • AirPennNet (WiFi)
  • Payroll
  • U@Penn & Penn Portal
  • Central Library Resources


Systems Availability

  • Our online services may not be available during these maintenance periods.

    Fridays: 5pm-midnight
    2nd & 4th Tuesdays: 5pm-7pm

    Tuesdays: 5am-7am
    Thursdays: 5pm-7pm


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