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Who’s ITS

Full-Time Staff

Lauren Caputo

Dan Darrow
Self-proclaimed master of video gaming, Reddit-surfing, and your everyday computing needs. All in a day’s work.

Vincent DeJesus
Guitarist and Audio Engineer at heart, collects vintage gear, also enjoys making art.

Christine Droesser
Mom to two amazing kids; loves greyhounds.

Alex Duprey

Sudeshna Dutta
Artist. Nerd. Lover of shiny things. Was once bitten on the little toe by a baby lizard.

Matthew D’Adamo

Amelia Garrett
Collector of rocks, tea, comics, and books.

Ben Hornung
Former psychology major, current ultimate player, aspiring plant owner.

Michee Jean Pierre
Father of three. Likes cooking, piña coladas and playing video games. Reader. Traveler. Enjoys experiencing new things.

Thomas Judice
Home brewing, hockey playing, video gaming Philadelphian.

Sam Katzman
Hobbies include audio engineering, music production, and graphic design.

Alfonso Mayers
Doggy Dad. Life Liver. Stunt Double for Spiderman.

Christopher Olson
Video and multimedia specialist. Video game and technology lover.

David Roush
Likes the city. Likes the country.

Neal Swisher
Loves nature and technology. Father of 2 amazing girls.

Eric Wallo


Part-Time Staff

Samuel Baron

Kerice Wint