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Who’s ITS

Full-Time Staff

  • Christine Droesser
    Christine Droesser

    Mother. Wife. Yoga Devotee. Multi-tasker extraordinaire.

    “Peace begins with a smile.”

  • Sudeshna Dutta
    Sudeshna Dutta

    Artist. Nerd. Lover of shiny things. Was once bitten on the little toe by a baby lizard.

  • Michael Hazeltine
    Michael Hazeltine

    Sysadmin, Theater technician, Photographer, Reader, and Movie Enthusiast.

  • Chris Herdt
    Chris Herdt

    A connoisseur of peculiar names, unusual words, and odd neckties.

  • Michee Jean Pierre
    Michee Jean Pierre

    Father of three. Likes cooking, piña coladas and playing video games. Reader. Traveler. Enjoys experiencing new things.

  • Kay McDonnell
    Kay McDonnell

    Beach. Bike. Technology.

  • Anthony Pellechio
    Anthony Pellechio

    Drummer, Guitarist, Law Student. Interested in Intellectual Property Law, Astronomy, and Technology.

  • Emmett Rogers
    Emmett Rogers

    Guitarist. Audio Engineer. Philly sports fan.

  • David Roush
    David Roush

    Likes the city. Likes the country.

  • Matt Salp
    Matt Salp

    Avid Green Bay Packer Fan; Golfer; Dabble in all things technical; Carpenter.


Part-Time Staff

  • Jessie Canon
    Jessie Canon

    Husband. Daddy. Web developer. Geek. Otaku. My hobbies are anime, manga, karate, video games and Dungeons & Dragons.

    “There are no bugs; only unexpected features.”

  • Sharp Hall
    Sharp Hall

    Photographer. Web and graphic designer. Software and hardware tinkerer. Coffee enthusiast.

  • Robert Howard
    Robert Howard

    Audio Engineer, Philly Sports Fan, Craft Beer Connoisseur, Sci-Fi Enthusiast, Enjoys the Outdoors

  • Alex Ivanov
    Alex Ivanov

    Born in Moscow.  Raised in Philadelphia.  Loves the city, mountain biking, making music, and climbing things.

  • Anthony Johns
    Anthony Johns

    I live to explore virtual and physical spaces, preferably with music, coffee, beer, biking, and visual art.

  • Michael Lynch
    Michael Lynch

    Ballet Dancer and likes Physics, the Paranormal, games, Sci-fi. Sometimes a programmer / musician / actor / creative person.

    “If it happens, it’s Physics!”

  • Alexander Manescu
    Alexander Manescu

    Digital arts, punk-rock music, well-made food, and exploration are my raison d’être.

  • Jarad Morgan
  • Robert Mygatt
    Robert Mygatt

    Sailor. Handbell ringer. Reader.

  • Kerice Wint
    Kerice Wint