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Who’s ITS

Full-Time Staff

  • Chris Alrutz

    Part time tech, Full Time disco enthusiast.

  • Dan Darrow

    Self-proclaimed master of video gaming, Reddit-surfing, and your everyday computing needs. All in a day’s work.

  • Vincent DeJesus

    Guitarist and Audio Engineer at heart,  collects vintage gear, also enjoys making art.

  • Christine Droesser

    Mom to two amazing kids; yoga devotee; loves greyhounds.

  • Sudeshna Dutta

    Artist. Nerd. Lover of shiny things. Was once bitten on the little toe by a baby lizard.

  • Amelia Garrett

    Collector of rocks, tea, comics, and books.

  • Robert Howard

    Audio Engineer, Philly Sports Fan, Craft Beer Connoisseur, Sci-Fi Enthusiast, Enjoys the Outdoors

  • Michee Jean Pierre

    Father of three. Likes cooking, piña coladas and playing video games. Reader. Traveler. Enjoys experiencing new things.

  • Thomas Judice

    Home brewing, hockey playing, video gaming Philadelphian.

  • Kay McDonnell

    Beach. Bike. Technology.

  • Christopher Olson

    Video and multimedia specialist. Video game and technology lover.

  • David Roush

    Likes the city. Likes the country.

  • Neal Swisher

    Loves nature and technology. Father of 2 amazing girls.


Part-Time Staff