Our ITS Partners


Carla Anderson

Rebecca Anderson

Kenisha Askew
Toll Public Interest Center

Atiya Baldwin
Career Planning & Professionalism

Nancy Bellafante
Biddle Law Library

Izzy Boudnik
Legal Practice Services

Benjamin Carlson

Andy Coopersmith
Penn Program on Regulation

Amy Eader

Susan Ferrazzano
Front Office, Human Resources

Natalie Green
Master of Law

Cheryl Hardy
Legal Education Programs

Iliana Harris
Inclusion & Engagement

Robin Harris
Registrar’s Office

Dimitri Islam
Student Affairs

Elise Kraemer
Graduate Programs

Dalila Lewis
Future of the Profession Initiative

Andy Maynard
Development and Alumni Relations

Rachel Mayover
Curricular Affairs

Carlyn Miller
Conferences & Events

Ross Miller
Quattrone Center

Caroline Olson
Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition

Lauren Owens
International Programs

Ian Semmler
Business Affairs

Beth Shapiro
Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies

Zach Siswick
Faculty Support Staff