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  • Carla Anderson


  • Atiya Baldwin

    Career Planning & Professionalism

  • Nancy Bellafante

    Biddle Law Library

  • Andy Coopersmith

    Penn Program on Regulation

  • Susan Ferrazzano

    Front Office

  • Victoria Gillison

    Toll Public Interest Center

  • Natalie Green

    Master of Law

  • Susan Gualtier

    Biddle Law Library

  • Cheryl Hardy

    Legal Education Programs

  • Robin Harris

    Registrar’s Office

  • Dimitri Islam

    Student Affairs

  • Nadia Jannetta

    Institute for Law and Economics

  • Elise Kraemer

    Graduate Programs

  • Andy Maynard

    Development and Alumni Relations

  • Rachel Mayover

    Curricular Affairs

  • Ross Miller

    Quattrone Center

  • Rouaa Mohamed

    Legal Writing

  • Caroline Olson

    Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition

  • Lauren Owens

    International Programs

  • Nesha Patel

    Faculty Support Staff

  • Dori Pavel

    Conferences & Events

  • Ian Semmler

    Business Affairs

  • Beth Shapiro

    Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies

  • Marin Smith


  • Claudia Toro

    Center on Professionalism