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2016-2017 Scholar Bios


June Shih (United States)

June Shih is a writer and lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience in public policy, communications, and speechwriting.  In 1994, she began her career as a cops and courts reporter for a Florida newspaper, but left after a year to assist then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton with her syndicated newspaper column and speeches. In 1997, she became a Special Assistant to the President and Presidential Speechwriter, writing speeches for President Bill Clinton on a range of issues from civil rights and race relations to education and health care policy.  After serving as chief speechwriter for Mrs. Clinton’s first U.S. Senate campaign in 2000, June attended law school and then practiced law in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.   From 2011-2014, she served in the Obama Administration as a Senior Advisor in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Global Women’s Issues.  She holds a B.A., magna cum laude, from Harvard University, and a J.D. from Stanford Law School.


2015-2016 Scholar Bios


David Christoph Ehmke (Germany)

David Ehmke is pursuing dual Ph.D. degrees in Law and Economics at Humboldt-University of Berlin.  His Law thesis is focused on corporate bond debt restructuring, and his Economics thesis is focused on sovereign debt. His research is funded by the Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship of the State of Berlin and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Before starting his doctoral work, David completed a M.Sc. in Law and Finance as a Clarendon and Cyril and Phillis Long Scholar at the University of Oxford, Queen’s College, and a Diploma in Law (German JD-equivalent) at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. David has published on corporate and sovereign bankruptcy, corporate finance, management compensation, transition economies, and public finance. Before coming to Penn, David was an Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford on the invitation of Professor Kristin van Zwieten. While at Penn Law, David is undertaking research on corporate bond debt in the US. His faculty sponsor is Professor David Skeel.


Leandro Galvaire (Argentina)

Leandro E. Galvaire is a member of the Criminal Law Department at Austral University, and a Public Prosecutor in Buenos Aires City.  He studied law at Pontificia Universidad Catolica; then specialized in Criminal Law in Austral University for his Magister degree. Galvaire was awarded a Fulbright grant to research “Restorative Justice in the new Criminal Law” at University of Pennsylvania, under the supervision of Professor Paul Robinson, his faculty sponsor. Galvaire has more than ten years practice experience in justice litigation, where he has worked on diverse aspects of criminal law. 


Yoshifumi Kusakabe (Japan)

Yoshifumi Kusakabe was nominated by the Supreme Court of Japan to participate in the 2015-2016 Penn Law Judicial Exchange Scholar Program.  Kusakabe is a District Court Judge in Tokyo, Japan. He received his LLB and LLM from Waseda University Law School.  Following his degrees, Kusakabe completed his practical training as a legal apprentice at the Legal Training and Research institute of the Supreme Court of Japan.  On completion of his training, he was appointed an assistant judge of the Tokyo District Court, where he handled civil cases.  Since February 2014, he has been charged with handling business litigations at the business division in Tokyo District Court.   During his time at Penn law, Kusakabe will focus on corporate law and civil procedure.


Antti Makkonen (Finland)

Antti Makkonen is a Fulbright fellow and Ph.D. candidate in Law at the University of Lapland, Finland.  Makkonen is a 2015 graduate of the Penn Law program. As a visiting researcher, he is now focused on his doctoral dissertation “Responsible Lending in the Banking Sector”, which explores comparative legal perspectives on consumer and commercial lending between the European Union and the United States. Antti has extensive working experience in retail banking, and is currently on study leave from his group-level corporate counsel position at OP Financial Group, the largest banking and financial services provider in Finland.  Antti is the author of a legal treatise on Finnish consumer and housing finance, and frequently lectures on bankruptcy and finance related issues in Finland. His professional and scholarly interests include banking and financial law, consumer protection, bankruptcy, corporate governance, general corporate law, and securities regulation. Professor David Skeel is serving as his faculty sponsor.


Jochen Schoefthaler (Germany)

Schoefthaler is a PhD candidates at the University of Mannheim, Germany. His doctoral dissertation focuses on the legal framework for the broadband roll-out. His main research interests are Telecommunications and Antitrust Law, Regulatory Policy and Economics. While at Penn Law, Schoefthaler is comparing the different regulatory approaches taken in the US and EU to create investments and safeguard broadband internet.  Christopher Yoo is his faculty sponsor.


José Manuel de Torres Perea (Spain)

José Torres is an Assistant Professor of Civil Law at Malaga University.  He studied law at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid (ICADE) and received his doctorate from Malaga University, where his thesis analyzed insolvency procedure, specially claims against third parties to whom the insolvent debtor had transferred assets to conceal or to otherwise frustrate his creditor. He is Director of the Master of Family Law at the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA). Torres’s diverse research interests include Partnerships, Commonhold Property Regulation, Construction Process Regulation, Timesharing, Unfair terms in Banking and Financial Contracts, Promissory estoppel, Legal Personality, Linguistic Problems in the Field of Private Contracting, Family Law, Maintenance Obligations and Best Interest of the Child. While at Penn, he is working on two papers about bankruptcy and unfair terms in banking, and a book project with the title “The Reform of Family Law: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Traditional Concept of Family.” 


Toshiya Takekawa (Japan)

Toshiya Takekawa is a PhD candidate specializing in criminal law at Waseda University, Tokyo where he also received his LLB and LLM.  His doctoral research is being supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Takekawa’s current research is focused on criminal defenses based on mental disorders and related issues. He is spending one year at Penn Law working on a comparative analysis of the U.S. criminal justice system under the guidance of his faculty sponsor Professor Paul Robinson.


Yu Zheng (China)

Zheng is an Associate Professor of Securities Law at East China University of Political Science and Law (“ECUPL”).  He received his doctorate from ECUPL, where his thesis analyzed the regulation performance and future reform on Chinese Securities Market.  Zheng’s research interests include the interest balance between the majority shareholders and minority shareholders in the field of Company Law, as well as general principles of Commercial Law and Financing Regulation.  Zheng has over 10 years practice experience in Chinese legal service and has published two books and over 30 papers in China.  Jill Fisch is serving as his faculty sponsor at Penn Law.


Erin Walsh (United States)

Erin Walsh is a former Executive Director of Goldman Sachs, where she led the firm’s philanthropic activity in the Asia Pacific.  She has previously served as at the U.S. State Department as Senior Advisor to the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, and has undertaken various international placements including the US Mission to the UN.  While at Penn Law, Walsh plans to compare the policy environment for supporting women/children that existed in Iraq immediately after the fall of Sadam Hussein, with the current policies to protect or guarantee access to basic services. 

2014-2015 Scholar Bios


Yue Chai (China)

Yue Chai is a PhD candidate specializing in health law and pharmaceutical law in Tsinghua Law School, Beijing, China. His research is focusing on the regulation of pharmaceuticals, healthcare reform and public health law issues. Chai also assisted in projects at the Tsinghua Health Law Research Center led by Professor Chenguang Wang. He holds a bachelor degree in pharmaceutical sciences and a master degree in pharmaceutical administration from Peking University. Supported by the Chinese Scholarship Council, Chai will be spending a year as a visiting scholar at Penn Law, working on a comparative study of the U.S. public health law system. Faculty sponsor: Professor Eric Feldman.


Edoardo d’Ippolito (Italy)

Edoardo d’Ippolito is a PhD candidate at Catholic University of Milan in Corporate Law. He specializes in the Banking and Securities Regulation. Mr d’Ippolito has worked as a Clerk in the Court of Business Law of Milan. At Penn Law he will focus is research on a comparative analysis of Corporate Governance of Banks. Faculty Sponsor: David Skeel.


Rodrigo Dellutri (Argentina)

Rodrigo Dellutri is a PhD candidate at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Mr. Dellutri specializes in Criminal Law, Human Rights and International Law. He also holds an LL.M. from Louisiana State University, and a Specialization in Criminal Law from Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently Secretary at a Public Defense Team for minor crimes. He has also served as Clerk in a court for minor crimes. He is in charge of the course Applied Criminal Law at the Federal Police Academy, Argentina. Faculty sponsor: Paul H. Robinson.


Nobukazu Nishio (Japan)

Nobukazu Nishio is a Judge in Japan. Mr. Nishio holds a Bachelor of Law from Kyoto University and a Master of Law from Doshisha University Law School. He completed the course of practical legal training at the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan as a legal apprentice, and became a judge of Miyazaki District and Family Court. As a judge, he overseas both criminal and civil cases (including medical malpractice lawsuits, automobile accident lawsuits and so on). At Penn Law, he will focus on the U.S. civil procedure system, specifically Discovery or Class Action.


Neada Mullalli (Albania)

Neada Mullalli is a PhD Candidate at the Central European University, Budapest, in the stream of International Business Law. She is writing her thesis in the field of bankruptcy law, with focus on legal procedures regulating sovereign debt restructuring. She is the author of the Monograph on Corporations and Partnerships - Albania, to be published by Kluwer International in 2014. Ms. Mullalli obtained her Bachelor in Law degree from the University of Tirana, Albania, and her Second Level Integrated Diploma in Economics and Agricultural Policies, from the Agricultural University of Tirana. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Business Law (LLM) from the Central European University.  Before beginning her doctoral studies, she was working as a Legal Advisor for governmental institutions, as well as private corporations. Her latest position was that of Legal Advisor for the U.S Modernization Team, attached to the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Albania.  Faculty Sponsor: Prof. David A. Skeel.

Bruno Queiroz Cunha (Brazil)

Bruno Queiroz Cunha is a PhD candidate at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He has been working for the Brazilian Government for over a decade, on issues regarding regulation, antitrust and institutional reform projects, at both ministry and agency levels. He researches and teaches topics at the intersection of Economics, Public Policy and Law, with emphasis on regulatory policy, process and governance, institutions and development. Mr. Queiroz Cunha has degrees in Economics and Law, and holds a MSc. in Regulation from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His faculty sponsor at Penn Law is Professor Cary Coglianese.


2013-2014 Scholar Bios

Thomas Fetzer (Germany)

Thomas Fetzer is an Associate Professor of law at the University of Mannheim Law School, Germany. Fetzer received his doctorate from the University of Mannheim Law School and holds an LLM from Vanderbilt University. He is also a Professor of Law at the TU Dresden Law School, specializing in Telecommunications Law, Media Law and Privacy/Data Protection Law. His home institution, the University of Mannheim, offers a Masters of Comparative Law taught in English, and he regularly teaches classes in comparative administrative law. He also holds a permanent teaching appointment in European Competition Law at the Mannheim Business School, which is the top rated business school in Germany.


Dionysia Katelouzou (United Kingdom)

Dionysia Katelouzou is a Lecturer in Law at King’s College London, specializing in Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Law and Finance, and Empirical Legal Studies. She holds a Ph.D. and an LL.M. (class I) from the University of Cambridge and an undergraduate degree in Law from the University of Athens (summa cum laude). Her research interests include all aspects of shareholder activism and corporate law, in particular how the two interact across different regulatory regimes. Her Ph.D. thesis employs a novel approach to the study of international hedge fund activism, which combines comparative legal analysis with empirical quantitative methods. At Penn Law, she plans to study the relationship between hostile takeovers and the brand of shareholder activism associated with hedge funds. She will particularly look at the potential role of the market for corporate control and its associate infrastructure as a determinant of hedge fund activism in two superficially similar corporate governance systems: the UK and the US. Faculty sponsor: William Bratton.


Zhi Liang (China)

Zhi Liang is a PhD candidate at Tsinghua University.  Mr. Liang specializes in the intersection of law and the mass media, specifically trails by media, the conflict between media supervision, the independence of jurisdiction, and the legislation of Internet privacy. He holds a Master of Finance and International Trade, as well as a Bachelor of Law, from Tsinghua University. Mr. Liang has interned with Zurich Financial Services Group and the Tsinghua Legal Aid Center, in addition to broadcasting on Tsinghua TV. Recently, his paper “Crimes Due to Wrong Intentions” was published in the book “Most Complicated Criminal Cases.” At Penn Law he will focus on the enactment of the mass media law in China, especially the press law.


Jiang Min (China)

Jiang Min is an associate professor at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law. Professor Min focuses on criminal law and the Chinese judicial system. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Sichuan Foreign Language University, and completed both her masters and doctorate at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law. Professor Min is a member of the Chongqing Criminal Law Society. She has published a monograph on “The inheritance and transcendency of Beccaria’s thoughts of criminal law.” Professor Min served as a visiting scholar at Beijing University before coming to Penn Law.


Jie Xie (China)

Jie Xie is a PhD candidate at East China University of Political Science and Law, and an Assistant District Attorney at the District Attorney’s Office for the Baoshan District of Shanghai, China. Mr. Xie has published more than 100 articles focusing on financial regulation and financial crimes in many Chinese law reviews. He is also the author of several monographs, such as “The Criminal Regulation of Market Manipulation” (2013), “Legal Theory and Practice of Bribery” (2012) and “Criminal Law Theory and Practice of Securities and Futures Market Crimes” (2012). Mr. Xie also provides legal advice to enforcement divisions and policies to counter financial crime in China’s prosecution system.


2012-2013 Scholar Bios 

Beatriz Añoveros (Spain)

Beatriz Añoveros is an Associate Professor of Private Law at ESADE Law School in Barcelona, where she also serves as the International Relations Director for the Faculty of Law.  Her research goals were to conduct a comparative analysis on prenuptial agreements:  examining the Spanish and American systems in contrast.  Specifically, Añoveros was concerned with the economic consequences of matrimonial crises from a private international law perspective.  Faculty sponsor: Michael Knoll.


Huanfang Du (China)

Huanfang Du is an Associate Professor at Renmin University of China and Assistant Dean of the RUC Law School. His academic interests center on private international law, and include: conflict of laws, international judicial assistance, international commercial arbitration, international trade law, and international family law. Du received his first legal degree from Zhongnan College of Political Science and Law; he also holds a PhD in Law from Wuhan University. One of Du’s goals for his time at Penn Law is to study the judicial jurisdiction on civil and commercial matters between China and U.S., including constitution limitations on international jurisdiction, and to study recognition and enforcement of American judgments in China. Faculty sponsor: Kermit Roosevelt.


Václav Gráf (Czech Republic)

Václav Gráf is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic who teaches at the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration. His research is focused on institutional settings for regulatory reform, especially regulatory oversight bodies. Václav received the Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship in order to conduct research on the institutional arrangements of U.S. Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Václav, an experienced policy analyst, has worked with the Czech government, EU expert groups, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and in management consulting. Faculty sponsor: Cary Coglianese.


Yan Lin (China)

Yan Lin is an Associate Professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law School. He teaches Chinese Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutionalism, and Legislation. His primary academic interests include separation of powers in China, constitutional review systems, and comparative law. He holds both a L.L.B and a L.L.M from East China University of Politics and Law, and an M.L.I. and S.J.D. from University of Wisconsin Law School. Faculty sponsor: Jacques deLisle.


Marta Muñoz de Morales Romero (Spain)

Marta Muñoz de Morales Romero is an Assistant Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, where she teaches Criminal Law and European Criminal Law. She earned a Masters in European Community Law and a PhD from the same University. She was a Visiting Researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg (Germany) for eighteen months.  Muñoz de Morales has written extensively on the legitimacy and rationality problems of criminal law in the European Union. Other topics of interest are the role of compliance programs in corporate criminal liability cases and the death penalty. While at Penn Law, she will be conducting research on the potential of ex-post legislative evaluation as a technique to promote rationality in European and national processes of legislative production in criminal matters. Faculty sponsor: Paul Robinson.


Takeshi Ogata (Japan)

Takeshi Ogata is a Professor of Law at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. He received B. A. and LL. M. from Chiba University. Following his doctoral study at the Graduate School of Law, Kyoto University, he became an Associate Professor of Law at Konan University, and then joined Doshisha University as an Associate Professor of Law in April 2007. Professor Ogata teaches courses on Constitutional Law, including Constitutional Law and Government, Economic Liberties and Welfare Rights, and Case Studies on Constitutional Law. His research interests are judicial adjudication in constitutional law and constitutional protections of welfare rights, and he has recently focused on the analysis of judicial review theory in the comparative perspective. Faculty sponsor: Kermit Roosevelt.


Benjamin Waters (United Kingdom)

Ben Waters is a Senior Lecturer in Law at Canterbury Christ Church University, specializing in civil justice, dispute resolution and ADR, particularly mediation. He holds a Master’s in Education and is a qualified UK solicitor. Since joining the world of academia from private legal practice in 2005, Ben has been able to apply his valuable experience of civil litigation, including effective practical negotiation skills in the area of dispute resolution, to legal education within the higher education teaching environment. His practical expertise is underpinned with a sound understanding of negotiation and mediation theory, which are subject areas in which he lectures on the LLB degree. He is published in peer reviewed journals and has presented papers on legal education, dispute resolution and mediation at conference. His research includes aspects of clinical legal education including investigation into the value of Law students’ community engagement and collaboration.  Faculty sponsor: Doug Frenkel.

2011-2012 Scholar Bios 

Beatriz Añoveros (Spain)

Beatriz Añoveros is an Associate Professor of Private Law at ESADE Law School in Barcelona, where she also serves as the International Relations Director for the Faculty of Law.  Her research goals were to conduct a comparative analysis on prenuptial agreements:  examining the Spanish and American systems in contrast.  Specifically, Añoveros was concerned with the economic consequences of matrimonial crises from a private international law perspective.  Faculty sponsor: Michael Knoll.   


Thomas Fetzer (Germany)

Thomas Fetzer is a Professor of Law at the TU Dresden Law School, specializing in Telecommunications Law, Media Law and Privacy/Data Protection Law. He has co-authored several books on Internet Law, Telecommunications Law and Public Economic Law.  In addition to his position as a Professor of Law at TU Dresden, Fetzer is Associate Professor of Law at the University of Mannheim and Adjunct Professor at the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Fetzer received his doctorate from the University of Mannheim Law School, Germany, and holds an LLM from the Vanderbilt University.  Faculty sponsor: Christopher Yoo.  


Satoshi Kotake (Japan)
Satoshi Kotake is a Professor of Law at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Takushoku University, Tokyo, and a lecturer in law at the School of Law, Waseda University, Tokyo. He received a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Master of Laws degree from Waseda University, and a Master of Comparative Law degree from the University of Chicago Law School. Following his graduate study at the Graduate School of Law, Waseda University, he became a Research Associate, and then, an Associate Professor of law at the Faculty of Education, Aichi University of Education, Aichi. He joined the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Takushoku University, in April 2005. Kotake teaches mainly in the field of Constitutional Law. He has also taught a variety of other courses, ranging from ‘Gender and the Law’ to ‘American Law and Politics’, and ‘American Society and Culture’. His research interests include the constitutional right of privacy and reproductive rights. Kotake’s current research focuses on the constitutional analysis of abortion law as it relates to the right to privacy. Faculty sponsor: Anita Allen.  


Andreas Nicklisch (Germany)

Andreas Nicklisch is an Assistant Professor for Microeconomics at the University of Hamburg’s School of Business, Economics and Social Science.   Andreas, a trained economist, has extensive experience in law and economics, experimental economics and public economics, and has held various positions at academic and research institutions in Germany, Australia, Israel and Switzerland.  During his time as a Visiting Scholar, Nicklisch presented at a faculty workshop, where he discussed his recent research with David Abrams on economic incentives and labor performance.  Nicklisch was hosted as a Visiting Scholar of Penn Law’s Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition (CTIC).  

Endre Stavang (Norway)

Endre Stavang is a Professor of Law at the University of Oslo.  His research interests include property/environmental/ natural resources law, as well at torts and economic analysis of law. Currently, he is exploring the interface between property (real and intellectual) and the environment, with special reference to technological change and innovation (e.g. Carbon Capture and Storage). His PhD on the principles of liability in nuisance (1999) was written upon visiting the Centre for Advanced Studies in Oslo, and Yale (law). Stravang was an oil, gas and energy lawyer for four years (1999-2003) and a functioning appellate court judge for half a year (2003-2004). He has published six books, three as sole author.   At Penn Law, Stavang was hosted as a Visiting Scholar of the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition (CTIC).  


Bo Zhao (Netherlands)

Bo Zhao is a Post-doc research Fellow in the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Arts at University of Groningen.  He earned his PhD in the Philosophy of Law from the University of Groningen’s Legal Theory Department in 2008, where he has since supervised PhD candidates and given academic presentations. While at Penn Law, Zhao conducted comparative research on Legal Cases of Posthumous Privacy and Posthumous Reputation: specifically, whether the dead should have a right to privacy.  Faculty sponsors: Jacques deLisle and Eric Feldman.


Peihong Zhang (China)
Peihong Zhang is a criminal defense attorney in Shanghai, and also holds the post of Vice-Director of the Criminal Defense Committee of the SBA. He received his law degree from the Department of Politics and Law of Yunnan Normal University. Zhang has received several awards for his legal work, including being named Shanghai Excellent Young Lawyer of 2008. Throughout his career, Zhang has taken on many tough cases, representing a host of clients for whom China’s legal system presents little realistic opportunity for justice. Some of his better known defense trials include: the Rio Tinto corruption case, the Yangjia case, and the 11/15 Fire Case of Shanghai. Zhang is committed to improving the human rights situation in China. He plans to use his time at Penn Law to gain a greater understanding of due process in the U.S. and how the American judicial system can advance human rights protections. Faculty sponsors: Jacques deLisle and David Rudovsky.


2010-2011 Scholar Bios    

Lene Bomann-Larsen (Norway)
Lene Bomann-Larsen is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo, where she earned her PhD. Her prior publications have covered a range of topics including: military ethics, just war theory, and corporate responsibility.  Bomann-Larsen’s postdoctoral work relates to challenges to current conceptions of responsibility, and the implications for legal and political theory. Her latest research is focused on Oslo’s Neurotechnology and the Law initiative. “Neurolaw” is an exploratory project aiming to identify challenges related to the introduction of neurotechnology to criminal justice. While at Penn Law she conducted research in collaboration with Stephen Morse.  

Paolo Cavaliere (Italy)
Paolo Cavaliere earned a PhD in International Law and Economics at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. As a Teaching Fellow, he has taught Public Law, Italian and European Constitutional Law, Media Law, Regional Law and Constitutional Justice. He also holds a law degree from the University of Pavia and an LLM in Public Law from University College, London. Cavaliere has authored articles and book chapters on a variety of topics including the judicial dialogue between national and supranational courts, energy and utilities regulation in European countries, competition in the mass media industry and E-democracy. While at Penn Law, he will be conducting research on a monograph on pluralism in the news market – his goal is to identify a regulative approach capable of providing the highest possible degree of pluralist information in the media sphere. Faculty sponsor: Monroe Price.  


Giulia Gobbo (Italy)
Giulia Gobbo is a PhD candidate in the program of Program in Economics, Markets, and Institutions at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IMT) in Lucca, Italy. Gobbo works in the Banking and Financial Supervision Area at the Bank of Italy, where her assignments are mainly related to the banking and investment firms’ sector and investors’ protection; they include the analysis of the legal framework and the comparison of different legal systems. She also aids in the drafting of rules applicable to intermediaries, and in the supervisory procedures on banks’ by-laws. Gobbo holds a law degree from the University of Bologna and an LLM degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she specialized in Banking Law and Financial Regulation. Her current research continues to focus on corporate and financial markets law. At Penn Law, her research will focus on financial intermediaries’ exploiting conflicts of interest via their retail clients (mis-selling, junkbonds, etc) and attempts at regulation. Faculty sponsor: David Skeel.  


Arturo González de León Berini (Spain)
Arturo González de León is a PhD researcher in the Program of Law and Legal Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, where he is also an Assistant Professor of Criminal Law, and was recently awarded a faculty development grant through the Spanish Ministry of Education. González de León holds a Master’s degree in Legal Sciences, as well as an honors degree in Law and Journalism. While at Penn Law, he plans to gather research toward an analysis of the Germanic legal notion of Lebensführungschuld or assessing criminal liability on the basis of character traits and prior life choices. Faculty sponsor: Paul Robinson.  


Theresa Heinke (Germany)
Theresa Heinke is a PhD candidate at the University of Heidelberg, where she also acts as a researcher at the Institute for Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws and International Business Law. Heinke holds a first degree in law from the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg, with a focus on international private and procedural law. Heinke has a particular interest in the intersection of European procedural law and international shipping law. She previously worked as a junior researcher for Professor Thomas Pfeiffer, where she was responsible for the organization, research and drafting of a comparative study on consumer information rights in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA. Following the completion of this study, she undertook her current position as a Researcher for Professor Burkhard Hess. Through research at Penn Law, Heinke hopes to identify a general jurisdiction rule for cases of limitation of liability in commercial shipping law. Faculty sponsor: Anita Allen.  


Mikyung Kim (South Korea)
Mikyung Kim holds two Associate Professorships at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in the Graduate Schools of ‘Innovation & Technology Management’ and ‘Medical Science & Engineering.’ She has published extensively on topics including: pathology, bioethics, research conduct, and biotechnology. Kim has earned MD and PhD degrees from Seoul National University as well as a JD from University of Washington School of Law. She researched as a CLB fellow (Center for Law and the Biosciences) at Stanford Law School for two years. During her time at Penn Law, Kim will be drafting an IP course book for undergraduate students at KAIST. KAIST plans to offer a new IP minor program to its students beginning in Fall 2010, and this textbook will be used to address IP procurement, IP management as well as to introduce U.S. Intellectual Property laws. Faculty sponsor:  Polk Wagner throughout this summer project.  


Emmanuel Mastromanolis (Greece)
Emmanuel Mastromanolis teaches Competition Law, Corporate Law, and Law of Commercial Contracts at the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens and concurrently practices law in the above areas. Emmanuel holds an LLB from the University of Athens, and earned both his LLM and SJD degrees from Penn Law, where his studies focused on Comparative Antitrust. He is a member of the editorial board of the Business and Company Law Review and regularly participates in Greek and international conferences focusing on Competition and Company Law. While at Penn this summer, he conducted research on a monograph regarding the legal status, supervision and liabilities of rating agencies, which are receiving increased attention in the EU.  


Alexandra Mikroulea (Greece)
Alexandra Mikroulea is an Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Athens. Concurrently, she practices law as a partner in the legal firm Mikroulea-Chrissanthis and is head of antitrust and consumer law practice at the legal department of National Bank of Greece. She received her law degree from the University of Athens, and holds a PhD in Law from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, with a focus on antitrust law. At the University of Athens, Mikroulea teaches courses in Industrial Property Law, Banking Law, Securities, and Insurance Law. She has served on the State legislative committees relating to issues of trademark law, consumer protection and insurance law. Mikroulea is a member of the Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA) and has been a member of the Hellenic Competition Commission for three years. She is a regular contributor to the Journal of Corporate Law and Business, to the Journal of Commercial Law, and is a member of the editorial board for the Private Insurance Law Review. She has also served as a member in the Legal Support Group in Brussels for SEPA (Single European Payment Area) as a representative for the Hellenic Banks Association. While at Penn Law, Mikroulea conducted  legal research on comparative issues relating to the business judgment rule.  


Seok-Jae Park (Korea)
Seok-Jae Park has been working as a public prosecutor of the Korean government for 14 years. He was recently selected as an overseas trainee under the public prosecutors’ overseas training program sponsored by the Ministry of Justice of the Korean Government. Park received his law degree from the College of the Law at Seoul National University, before completing the two-year training program at the Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court. At Penn Law, he plans to study the protection and support of criminal victims in the U.S. with an aim to develop law enforcement methods that are adoptable and feasible to the practices of the South Korean legal system. Faculty sponsor: Stephanos Bibas.  


Hardy Sieglitz (Germany)
Hardy Sieglitz is a PhD candidate at the University of Leipzig. He is a German attorney, who has worked in the legal branch of civil law for 10 years. Sieglitz started his professional career with a health insurance company as the in-house counsel. Since 2003, he has been with the Saxon Public Authority for Private Broadcast and New Media (SLM), where he broadened his legal work to include labor law and general contract law. His dissertation is a study of “The Development of German Product Liability Law under the Influence of US Product Liability Law.” His research will focus on several key legal problems, which he has identified within German liability law in respect to globalization and the increasing complexity of products. Faculty sponsors: Jacques deLisle and William Ewald.  


Zhiyuan Wang (China)
Zhiyuan Wang is an Associate Professor at Jilin University and Director of the China Criminal Law Academy Project. His academic interests center on criminal law, and include: criminal jurisprudence, the theory of criminal composition, the theory of accomplice, the criminal cases system, juvenile delinquency, and criminal justice. Wang received his first legal degree from Lanzhou University School of Law; he also holds a PhD in Law from Jilin University. One of Wang’s goals for his time at Penn Law is to study the relationship between the development of the criminal justice system and rule of law, and to identify suggestions to reform criminal justice in China. Faculty sponsor: Paul Robinson.  


Mehdi Zakerian (Iran)
Mehdi Zakerian, considered a leading thinker on human rights in the Middle East, was detained August 2008 on the charge of espionage while he awaited U.S. visa clearance to travel to Philadelphia as a visiting scholar at Penn but has since been freed for travel. He currently chairs Iran’s International Relations Institute and is a senior analyst for the Scientific Research Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies. He edits the journal International Studies, a quarterly devoted to international affairs and human rights. In 2002, Zakerian was a fellow at the Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands. At the time of his arrest, Zakerian had been a professor at Islamic Azad University and had previously taught at Tehran University, where he was dismissed in 2007 as part of the much-publicized campaign of dismissals of liberal and reformist professors from Iran’s universities.


2009-2010 Scholar Bios  

Giulio Angeloni (Italy)
Giulio Angeloni is currently finishing his doctorate in Private Comparative Law at the University of Macerata, while serving as a trainee lawyer with Studio Legale Piga in Rome. Following his graduation from Roma Tre University’s law program in 2006, Giulio began working as a trainee lawyer with the firm Simmons & Simmons. Throughout this period, he continued his affiliation with Roma Tre; first as a research assistant and later as a teaching assistant. In March 2007, he left Simmons & Simmons in order to pursue a six-month term at the Italian Competition Authority as an intern with the Research and International Relations Directorate. In 2008, Giulio Angeloni was granted a place in his current doctoral program at the University of Macerata, and is undertaking a dissertation on the topic of “Human Capital Regulation: A Comparative Analysis between Civil Law and Common Law Legal Systems.” He was awarded a prestigious three-year scholarship to complete the program.  


Noriyuki Aoki (Japan)
Noriyuki Aoki is an Associate Professor of Law at Waseda University. After graduating from Waseda University in 1997 and finishing Law School, he became a faculty member in 2005. Professor Aoki teaches Japanese civil law including property, contract, and secured transactions to undergraduate and graduate students. He is strongly interested in ‘the policies and rules concerning transactions with collateralized or securitized cash flows for income producing properties’ (such as cash flow from the mortgaged commercial real estate, proceeds of inventory or account receivables). As part of his research project, Aoki investigated the role of covenants in asset-based lending transactions.  


Angus Corbett (Australia)
Angus Corbett is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney and a Senior Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Clinical Governance Research in Health in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW, Sydney. He has published several articles in the fields of corporate law, tort law, and regulation. Corbett’s prior research has focused on the interaction between rights to claim compensation and various regulatory systems. His recent research is concerned with the role of tort, and law more generally, in facilitating the emergence of systems of regulation and governance needed to improve safety. While at Penn Law, Corbett plans to focus on the role of law in improving safety in the provision of health care services and in the practice of providing relief for those affected by disasters. Faculty sponsor: Cary Coglianese.  


Carlos Gomez Liguerre (Spain)
Carlos Gómez Ligüerre, Ph.D., is a tenured professor of private law at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) where he teaches tort law, contract law and economic analysis of law. He holds both law and economics degrees. His Ph.D. thesis, on ‘Joint and Several Liability Among Tortfeasors,’ was awarded a prize as the best Spanish dissertation in private law in 2005. Professor Gómez Ligüerre passed the Spanish professorial exam (habilitation) in 2007. He is currently spending a year in the United States conducting research on environmental liability. He is interested in the liability system founded by CERCLA and its effects on tort and property law. His research at Penn Law focused on the rules governing relations among potential responsible parties and the effects of clean-up costs in real estate transactions.  


John Howe (Australia)
Associate Professor John Howe is Director of the Centre for Employment and Labor Relations Law at the Melbourne Law School in Australia, where he teaches in the areas of labor law, corporation law and corporate social responsibility. Professor Howe has written extensively about labor law as a form of labor market regulation, and the application of regulatory theory to labor law as well as corporate self-governance of employment practices and labor management. He is co-editor of the book Labor Law and Labor Market Regulation published in 2006, and his book Regulating for Job Creation was published by Federation Press in late 2008. He is Secretary of the Australian Labor Law Association, and is editor of the Reports section of the Australian Journal of Labor Law. While visiting the Penn Law School, Professor Howe commenced a research project investigating whether financial incentives and subsidies can operate in the nature of ‘meta regulation,’ which causes businesses to take corporate social responsibility (with respect to labor standards) more seriously.  


Umberto Izzo (Italy)
Umberto Izzo is a tenured Assistant Professor of Private Comparative Law at Trento University in Italy. In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Comparative Law from the same institution, Izzo received his J.D in Law from the University of Bari. His research interests focus primarily on the fields of law & technology, medical law & ethics and tort law and he has been invited to speak at many international seminars and conferences on these topics. Izzo is currently engaged in a comparative study on the legal issues raised by “biobanks” that have been established for research purposes. He was specifically interested in the regulation of property and privacy in the governance of biobanking activity.  


Tatjana Jovanic (Serbia)
Tatjana Jovanic is an Assistant Professor of Market Regulation Law at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law and the Associate Director of its recently established Centre for Economic and Regulatory Law (CERL). In addition to her position at the University, Jovanic serves as an external legal adviser to the Association of Banks and has advised the Serbian Ministry of Finance in establishing strategy for the development of financial markets. Her main research areas include economic and general regulatory law, socio-legal approaches to business law, and financial services regulation. Jovanic holds memberships in the International Association for Consumer Law, International Association for Economic Law, and the Law and Society Association. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Regulatory Law Review. Tatjana Jovanic earned her JD, MA and PhD degrees from University of Belgrade, and holds an LLM in Law and Finance from the Institute for Law and Finance of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. Since 2002, she has been a visiting scholar/ researcher at several academic institutions in the EU, with a particular focus on law curriculum development.  Faculty sponsor: Cary Coglianese.  


Atsushi Koide (Japan)
Atsushi Koide is an associate professor with the Faculty of Law at Gakushuin University and a specialist in corporate and commercial law. He is returning to spend the 2009-2010 academic year at Penn Law. Professor Koide earned his LLB from the University of Tokyo where he worked as a research associate in the Graduate School of Law and Politics. Prior to his work at University of Tokyo, Mr. Koide practiced with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. In Japan, he has served as a member of the study groups at many institutions such as Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI), Capital Markets Research Institute (CAMRI), Trust Companies Association of Japan and others. He recently participated in UNIDROIT Committees of governmental experts for Model Law on Leasing as the representative of the Government of Japan. While at Penn, Professor Koide studied the relationship between corporate governance and corporate finance, especially focused on the role of creditors.  


Hyun-suk Lim (Korea)
Hyun-suk Lim holds a patent lawyer’s license and has worked for the South Korean government’s Intellectual Property Office since 1998. In this capacity, he has served as an intellectual property policy maker, a patent examiner and a solicitor for patent litigations. Lim received his bachelor’s degree in Law from Seoul National University (SNU), and a second bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He has lectured on intellectual property law courses at the graduate programs of both Seoul National University and Korea University. He additionally collaborated on the publication of a graduate textbook addressing the subject of intellectual property law. Hyun-suk Lim has been recognized with several major awards including the Presidential Award (1st prize) in the 2008 “Government Officials Information Ability” Competition. At Penn Law, Lim  worked on a comparative study of the U.S. intellectual property law system.  


Richard Lu Jun (China)
Richard Lujun is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics (IQTE) within the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). He holds a Ph.D. in accounting from the same institution. Professor Lujun has received special funding from the Ford Foundation to support his research on corporate environmental disclosure, environmental performance, and financial performance. His ultimate research goal wass to analyze the experience of developed countries, in order to help China improve environmental regulation systems and enhance awareness on environmental responsibility for multinational firms.  


Federico Picinali (Italy)
Federico Picinali is a Ph.D. student in Criminal Law at the University of Trento, Italy. Prior to his tenure at Penn, Picinali has been a guest at three U.S. institutions: as an exchange student at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, as a research scholar at UC Hastings’s School of Law, and as a research scholar at Yeshiva University’s Cardozo School of Law. Picinali’s current research goal is to offer a critique on the concept of ‘material elements of the offense’ from the perspective of their feasible proofs. By using interdisciplinary methodology, Picinali sought to overcome the longstanding dichotomy between Criminal Law and Evidence Law.  


Kai Wang (China)
Kai Wang has been in private practice for 10 years, specializing in the area of real estate and commercial land use law. She has structured and managed multi-million dollar real estate transactions in the U.S., Hong Kong and mainland China. She obtained her LLB degree from Yantai University in China. Wang holds M.A. and J.D. degrees from the University of Hawaii, and obtained her LLM degree from Harvard Law School. Her current research focuses on China’s property rights law from historical, comparative and empirical perspectives— particularly China’s nascent privatization of property rights, which has been driven by the current regime’s imperative to maintain performance-based legitimacy. While at Penn, Wang will seek to answer the question of whether such privatization will lead to political liberalization. Her faculty sponsor: Jacques deLisle.  


Xinjun Zhang (China)
Dr. Xinjun Zhang is an Associate Professor of Public International Law at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He received his doctoral degree from Kyoto University in 2004, and joined the Tsinghua Law faculty shortly thereafter. His research interests include International Environmental Law, Maritime Law, Non-proliferation Law and the Law of Treaties. He is a member of International Law Association (ILA), and active participant in the ‘Committee on The Legal Principles relating to Climate Change’. He will be spending this year as a Fulbright Research Scholar at Penn Law, conducting research on the “Precautionary Principle in Contemporary International Environmental Law.”