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The Lauder Institute

The Lauder Institute offers JD students at the University of Pennsylvania Law School the opportunity to earn an MA in International Studies from Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences. Students can expect to gain the language, business, and cultural skills to assume positions of leadership in international law, business, and policy making in the public, private, and civil society sectors through this distinguished program.

Language and Cultural Study

The Lauder program emphasizes intercultural training and is designed for students who already have advanced second-language skills. Students pursue international studies in one of the five regional areas of concentration, including the pursuit of a target language, or in the Global Program:

The regional areas of concentration are:

  • Africa
  • East and Southeast Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa
  • The Global Program emphasizes global leadership and management skills for multiple cultural contexts, and is intended for students who already have strong fluency in one language in addition to English.


JD/MA students join the Lauder Institute at the conclusion of their first year at the Law School, with a month of Lauder coursework in May. These classes are followed by a two-month overseas summer immersion program that focuses on language and cultural study and provides opportunities for corporate visits to companies, government offices, nonprofits, and/or international organizations. All other coursework, including a required research paper/project, is completed during the remaining two years at the Law School. For more information, visit the Lauder website.

International Studies - Master Degree Program - The Lauder Institute


Students apply separately to Penn’s Law School and Lauder. Please visit the admissions website for application specifics.

Applying for a JD Degree - JD/MA International Studies Programs - The Lauder Institute

Any questions may be directed to Kara Keenan, Director of Admissions Marketing and Financial Aid at or +1 (215) 898-6560.

General Information on Lauder Institute

To talk through scheduling/registration details and how this joint-degree program might complement your JD from Penn’s Law School, please contact Amanda S. Aronoff, L’95, Director of Cross-Disciplinary Programs & Academic Options, at or Lauren Owens, Director of International Affairs, at