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Tsinghua Law School

This semester-long study abroad program undertaken in the Fall of a student’s 3L year enables Penn Law students to study Chinese legal developments at one of Asia’s elite legal institutions.

Atma Kabad L’13 visits the Great Wall of China during his semester abroad.

Program Description

In an era of globalization, knowledge of Chinese law and legal instruments has become an in-demand skill for for those engaged in cross-border transactions.  In order to meet this rising demand, the Law School of Tsinghua University launched their program for non-Chinese speaking law students in 2005.  In a time of rapid social transformation and economic development, China is endeavoring to establish a complex legal infrastructure by enacting new laws, setting up legal institutes and building the rule of law.  These developments provide rich opportunities for academic legal study.  Up to two students from Penn Law are nominated annually for this program.


The study abroad program at Tsinghua University is designed and offered exclusively for foreign law students and legal professionals, and its curriculum covers the major fields of Chinese Law.  All courses and materials within the program are provided in English, while the program strives to foster insight into the Chinese legal system and the society through close contact with Chinese students and legal professionals.  This semester-long study abroad program is the first term of Tsinghua’s LLM program.  Following graduation, Penn Law alumni have an option to return to complete the second term of this LLM degree.


Prior to their departure, students must ensure they are on track to complete the necessary upper-level semester hours to meet their JD degree requirements.  Penn Law students will receive 12 credits for their semester at Tsinghua Law School. 

Below is a sample of courses taken at Tsinghua by former Penn Law participants:

  • Chinese Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law
  • Chinese Constitutional Law
  • Chinese Civil Procedure and Conflict of Laws
  • Chinese Civil Law
  • Chinese Society and Chinese Law
  • Chinese Administrative Law
  • Chinese Commercial Law in Practice
  • Chinese Environmental Law
  • Chinese Contract Law
Grading and Evaluation

Academic performance is assessed by various methods, including written exams, oral presentations, and papers.  Tsinghua grades on a 100 point scale; a passing grade is 60 points.  All classes must be taken for a grade (i.e., not pass/fail) but will not be factored into your Penn Law GPA.

Academic Calendar

Although the program dates vary from year to year, the Tsinghua academic term generally begins in late August with an exam period running from early to mid-December. 

Cost of Living

Estimates for living expenses in Beijing are provided on the Tsinghua Graduate website

Housing Information

Most Penn Law students opt to reside in on-campus dormitories due to their convenient location near to the Law School. Note: you must explicitly request a single room if this is your preference.   If interested in living off-campus, please take note of the regulations for housing available to foreign residents, including registration with local police.  Details for on-campus and off-campus housing can be found online.

Visa Information

Students who are admitted to the program will need to apply for a visa.  Information on the visa application process is available on the Tsinghua website.

Health and Safety

Foreign students must purchase a medical insurance plan for their study in China.  The plan recommended by the Ministry of Education is the “Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners staying in China.” Its coverage includes medical treatments for accidental injury and hospitalization in public hospitals in the mainland of China.  This plan is compulsory for foreign graduate students and prerequisite to registration.

Please review the Health and Safety information available on the Penn Global Support Services website.  Details on Travel Warnings, if relevant, are posted under International Travel Guidance.

Disability Access and Special Needs

For guidance on disability access that may be available in Beijing, please contact the National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange

Contact Info for Foreign Institution

Camellia Jie Ying Liu
LL.M. Program in Chinese Law
Tsinghua University School of Law
Beijing 100084, P.R.China
Tel: 8610-62795941


Remember to read the Study Abroad Guidelines for answers to the most frequently asked questions about studying abroad.