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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

As the practice of law increasingly includes international and transnational components, the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School offers a wide range of opportunities for study at foreign law schools. These opportunities extend the educational offerings for global engagement available to students on the Penn Carey Law campus, giving students detailed knowledge of foreign law or legal systems and in-depth exposure to foreign legal cultures. 

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Looking Back on a Year in Paris

It’s important to have a base in Paris if you want to explore opportunities with French firms or NGOs, and one of the attractions of the Sciences Po program is that it gets you there…. The Sciences Po experience was fantastic…. I was able to work and do research in two legal systems…. [This] experience is going to help me make decisions confidently about my career.

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Street view of Columbian town in the Andes Mountains

Reflections from Colombia

When I tell people that I am studying abroad in my last year of law school, I generally get the same response: “Wait, what? You can do that? Also, why?” I understand these questions. Studying abroad in law school is definitely not the norm. That being said, while studying in Colombia has been a giant change, it has given me a completely different perspective on both international law and domestic law in the United States.

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King's College at night

Reflections from an Ad Hoc Program in London

I am currently a visiting student at King’s College London, set right on the Thames River in the heart of London. Seeking to take advantage of everything London has to offer both in the city and in the classroom, I have decided to embark on a comparative analysis of the law which I have studied so far at Penn Law.

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London School of Economics

Letters Home from LSE 

LSE is going really well. I’ve been going to some interesting events here as well. There was a panel last week on global extremism, and tomorrow I’ll be attending an event on the Muslim Brotherhood and Gulf Monarchs. On Monday mornings I have a class on International Criminal Law: Prosecution and Practice, and one of the tribunals we covered today is the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL).

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Clock tower and statue at Waseda University

Dispatch from Tokyo

My primary goal for studying at Waseda Law School was to engage in a comparative Environmental Law curriculum in a country that has a unique history of environmental regulations, challenges, and agreements. I conducted research with some of the preeminent environmental law scholars around the world and expanded my understanding of the space in which international, environmental agreements are formed, such as the Kyoto Protocol.

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