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Student Organizations

The University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School offers a wide range of student-led organizations for those interested in international affairs, specific global regions or issues, or specialized areas of practice. These groups host conferences and speaker events, and provide targeted networking opportunities for their members.

For questions on student groups, contact Dimitri Islam, Director for Student and Community Engagement.

“BLSA [Black Law Students Association] went to Brazil and worked with one of the leaders on reparations. They’ve actually made incredible strides in legislating a reparations bill for Afro-Brazilians to try and negotiate what are called ‘Colombos’ as a form of reparations….We worked pretty intensely with the leader of their version of the ABA on the Reparations Council in Brazil. It was a really awesome opportunity to see how cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary legal frameworks operate across jurisdictions. The year before, [BLSA] went to Johannesburg, South Africa, and worked on a variety of different projects, all operating around migration and women’s rights. I would say, honestly, it is one of the most fulfilling and enriching opportunities that I’ve had in law school.… It’s a fantastic way to get abroad and to get to see another country, as well as get to see how the law is applied in other areas, which is a very, very helpful tool in being a lawyer going forward because the world is only getting more global.”
— Justin Pendleton L’21