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Salzburg Cutler Fellows

The Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program brings together 56 of the nation’s top law students with leading academics, judges and practitioners in the fields of private and public international law.

The two-day program held annually in February in Washington, D.C., examines the most critical issues shaping today’s international law agenda and creates a network of scholars interested in careers in international practice and public service.

At the heart of the program is the Fellow presentation where each participant shares a five to eight page executive summary of an article-length paper, for review by the other participants and a group of prominent law professors, judges, and practitioners.

The second day of the program provides a high-level line-up of speakers from the legal community and structured networking opportunities.

Each fall, applications are collected from eligible 2L and 3L students prior to the November deadline.

The Cutler Fellowship is a program of the Salzburg Global Seminar, an independent, non-governmental organization whose mission is to challenge present and future leaders to solve issues of global concern. Salzburg convenes imaginative thinkers from different cultures, organizes problem-focused initiatives, supports leadership development, and engages opinion-makers through active communication networks.

Spotlight on Cutler Fellows

Feature on the 2021 Programs

Students forge online connections at the ninth annual Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program. 

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Feature on the 2020 Program

Law School students and faculty representatives explore international legal challenges in Washington D.C. 

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Salzburg Cutler Global Seminar

Feature on the 2019 Program

Law School students travel to Washington D.C. to explore how they can apply legal training to public service on a global stage. 

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Student Experience

“I was placed in a group of about 10 people from peer law schools and two faculty who all read my paper proposal. They all had really thoughtful critiques, both the peers and the professors. It really helps mold your thinking and shape your argument and prepares your paper for publication. It’s a really great opportunity to meet people who are interested in the same topics; I’m still in touch with [people I met] from different schools… You also have the opportunity to engage with different webinar series and speaker events that the Sazburg organization hosts…. It’s a unique community of people that I’ve already tapped into [for] my own networking.”
—Joelle Hageboutros L’21

A Snapshot of a Cutler Fellow’s Research

Read Benjamin Barsky’s research about how American cities comply with international disability law. 

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