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Winter 2013

International Programs Newsletter
Josh Bernard L'14 is currently studying human rights at HKU
From Beijing to Bangalore: Penn Law Students Study Abroad

This fall, nine 3Ls pursued legal studies overseas at seven different universities. Four students will remain abroad for the spring term to complete joint JD/master's degree programs. Studying abroad while in law school allows Penn Law students to gain in-depth knowledge of a foreign legal system and culture while building an international network of colleagues and contacts. This year's students abroad are:

  • Joshua Bernard L'14
    Hong Kong University (JD/LLM in Human Rights)
  • Brandon Cook L'14
    Sciences Po (JD/ MA in Economic Law/Global Governance Studies)
  • Jackie Diaz L'14
  • Niketa Patel L'14
    University of Amsterdam
  • Jason Pham L'14
    Sciences Po (JD/MA in Economic Law/Global Governance Studies)
  • Stephanie Shyu L'14
    Hong Kong University (JD/LLM in Corporate Law)
  • Steve Stoute L'14
    National Law School of India University
  • Jordan Yeagley L'14
    Tsinghua University
  • Eric Zember L'14
    Waseda Law School

International Programs Newsletter
Summer 2013 ISHRF Fellow Karen Wiswall L'15 interned at the UNHCR in Kenya
Upcoming Deadlines

Friday, January 19 – Application Deadline for International Summer Human Rights Fellowships (ISHRF)  

Friday, January 19 – Application Deadline for Penn Law International Internship Program (PLIIP)

Monday, March 3 – Application Deadline for Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS)

Emanuele Conte
Sir Roy Goode
Penn Law Welcomes Spring 2014 Bok Visiting International Professors

Emanuele Conte (01/28/14 – 02/20/14)
Bok Course: The Role of Societies in Shaping Institutions in Western Legal Culture
Emanuele Conte is a Professor of Legal History at Roma Tre University and Director of its Department of Legal History and Theory. Conte's research focuses primarily on medieval and early modern legal history and on the relationship between history and law in the 19th and 20th century.  Professor Conte graduated cum laude in 1983 from the University La Sapienza of Rome, and received his Ph.D. in Medieval Legal History at the University of Milan.  Professor Conte played a key role in the Spring 2010 Global Research Seminar on Comparative Corporate Governance in Europe and the United States. David Skeel will serve as his faculty host. 

Sir Roy Goode (03/17/14 – 04/07/14)
Bok Course: Policies and Problems of Transnational Commercial Law
Sir Roy Goode is Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Oxford and one of the world's leading scholars of commercial law.  He was knighted in 2000 for his contributions to commercial law, law reform, and legal academia.  Goode founded the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary and chaired the Pension Law Review Committee, which led to the Pensions Act of 1995. He was previously chairman of the executive committee of JUSTICE, the all-party human rights and law reform organization.  Goode additionally served for many years on the Governing Council of UNIDROIT. Charles Mooney will serve as his faculty host.

Diepriya Anga L'14
Researcher Andrew Zhi Liang
Puvadet Prommakrit GL'14
Student and Scholar Recognition

Diepiriye Anga L'14 Selected as ‘Global Shaper' by World Economic Forum
Diepiriye Anga L'14 has been selected as one of eight Global Shapers in Philadelphia by the World Economic Forum. Anga, who is currently enrolled in Penn Law's graduate certificate in Global Human Rights program, has led and participated in service and pro bono projects in several countries around the world including Jamaica, Peru, Nigeria, and various cities in the United States. In keeping with her commitment to human rights and international development, in the Spring 2014 semester, she will be externing at Amnesty International in New York City. She plans to use her position as a Shaper to create education-focused initiatives for women and children in Philadelphia and her native Nigeria.

Philadelphia Bar Association Recognizes Liliana Silva Miquez GL'14
In October, the International Law Committee of the Philadelphia Bar Association presented Liliana Silva Miquez GL'14 with its annual International award.  Liliana is this year's LLM Human Rights Scholar and has spent the past eleven years aiding female victims of the conflict and domestic abuse in Colombia. Under the auspices of the Casa de la Mujer, she works directly with victims, social organizations, with the Colombian Congress, the Constitutional Court, and various partner organizations.

Visiting Researcher Recognized as Best Actor of China's College Drama Festival
"Andrew" Zhi Liang, a PhD candidate at Tsinghua University, took a break last month from his research at Penn Law on mass media legislation in order to return to Beijing to attend the prestigious award ceremony.  Andrew's performance as Deng Jiaxian, scientist and "Father of China's Nuclear Program," was selected from submissions across China. He is the first student in Tsinghua's history to receive this acting award.

Students Compete in World Human Rights Moot Court Competition
This December, Diepiriye Anga L'14 and Ryan Blicher L'14 will travel to Pretoria, South Africa to compete in the 5th World Human Rights Moot Court Competition hosted by the University of Pretoria.  They were selected as one of 15 teams competing from the 5 UN regions.

Penn Law Hosts Four Fulbright Recipients for 2013-2014 Academic Year
Beril Boz – Turkey (GL'14)
Heidi Fredly – (GL'14)
Puvadet Prommakrit – Thailand (GL'14)
Jie Xie- China (Visiting Researcher)

Spotlight on Spring 2014 International Courses

Penn Law will offer 16 spring courses focusing on international or comparative law :

  • Bok Course: Role of Society in Western Legal Culture (LAW 547-001)
  • Bok Course: Policies & Problems of Transnational Commercial Law (LAW 547-002)
  • GRS: Global Perspectives on Emerging Issues in Internet Law & Policy (LAW 945)
  • International Civil Litigation (LAW 608)
  • International Commercial Arbitration (LAW 928)
  • International Human Rights (LAW 759)
  • Islamic Finance (LAW 629)
  • International Law and International Relations
    (LAW 982)
  • International Trade Regulation (LAW 736)
  • Law and Economic Reform in Contemporary China (LAW 991)
  • Law and the Holocaust (LAW 678)
  • Law and Society in Japan (LAW 712)
  • Law in Africa (AFRC 620)
  • Public International Law (LAW 660)
  • Refugee Law (LAW 606)
  • Rule of Law: Policy and Practice (LAW 961)
  • Transnational Legal Clinic (LAW 655)

Farewell to Fall 2013 Bok Visiting Professors

Three distinguished Visiting Faculty members joined Penn Law as Bok Visiting International Professors during the fall term:

Johannes Masing (09/13/13 – 10/04/13)
Bok Course: Federal  Human Rights Protections in Europe

Gary Born (10/02/13 – 10/11/13)
Bok Course: International Commercial Arbitration
Note: Professor Born will return in April 2014 to give a lecture for students on "My Life as an International Arbitrator."

Yaffa Zilbershats (09/16/13 – 10/04/13)
Bok Course: Legal Aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Bok VIP Johannes Masing meeting with students after class

International News and Announcements

Penn Law Pilots New "Spanish Language for the Legal Professionals" Bootcamp
The Center on Professionalism and the Office of International Programs will co-sponsor a week-long intensive language training program (January 6-10) designed for law students who intend to practice law in an environment in which Spanish is a predominant language or who will frequently counsel clients in Spanish.  The bootcamp will combine instructor-led presentations on important topics, terms and practice concepts with activities that provide students an opportunity to practice their existing language skills.

Penn Law Launches Brown Bag Foreign Language Exchange Series
This fall, the Center on Professionalism and the Office of International Programs organized a new brown bag language exchange series, offering JD and LLM students an opportunity to meet over lunch for discussions in one of four languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin or Japanese. Sessions took place on Mondays from 12-1pm, with bi-weekly rotation between languages.

Penn Law Offers Summer Open Enrollment Program for International Lawyers
For the second year, law students from around the world will gain exposure to American law, culture and history through a summer program hosted by Penn Law. This 2-week certificate program is designed for international law students and practicing attorneys who are considering an LLM degree. In addition to class-based learning of American legal concepts, students will visit court rooms, law firms and key historic sites in Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Penn Law Announces New Belgian Alumni Club
A new alumni club has been formed in Brussels to better network members of the Penn Law community. The club hosted its first event this summer – an informal social gathering to exchange experiences and memories with one another.


Penn Law Delegation at Salzburg Cutler Fellows Program

Penn Law students joined students from China, Japan and Germany at the Global Forum at Waseda University.

In September, Penn Law hosted human rights lawyers and experts for a conference on China's rights protection lawyering movement.

Penn Law Faculty and Student Travel

In November, David Abrams traveled to Brazil to speak at a Conference on Patent Statistics for Decisions Makers, sponsored by the OECD.  Later the same month, he gave lectures at the University of Oslo, University of Zurich, and ETH Zurich.  In December, Abrams will lecture at Hebrew University.

In November, Shyam Balganesh, William Burke-White, and Gideon Parchomovsky led sessions at a Workshop on Private Regulation, Customs, and Usages in Transnational Private Law hosted by the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.  The workshop was jointly organized by Parchomovsky and former Bok Visiting International Professor Fabrizio Cafaggi.

Bill Bratton traveled to Beijing, China in October for a conference on commercial law hosted by Tsinghua's Faculty of Law.

William Burke-White and Eric Feldman represented Penn Law at the annual Global Forum, this year hosted at Waseda University in Tokyo, along with a delegation of four Penn Law students, Chelsea Fish L'16, Kristin Teager L'15, Angela Wu L'15, and Daniel Yip GL'14.  This year's topic looked at "International Law: From Mere Pluralism towards Constitutionalism"

Sophia Lee traveled to London in October to attend the University of Notre Dame in London's "International Perspectives on Public Law" conference where she presented chapters from her forthcoming book, The Workplace Constitution from the New Deal to the New Right.

In October, Charles Mooney participated in the 5th Annual Teaching Conference on Transnational Commercial Law where he presented on the Cape Town and Geneva Securities Conventions. In November, Mooney was in Istanbul for a colloquium and Unidroit committee meeting.  In December, he traveled to Vienna as the International Insolvency Institute's observer at the UNCITRAL working group on secured transactions, working on a model law.

Sarah Paoletti travelled to Sydney, Australia in August for meetings at the University of New South Wales. While there she lectured in the UNSW International Human Rights Clinic and presented on a research project entitled Access to Justice for Migrant Workers along the Asia-Middle East Corridor. In October, she visited Geneva to meet with the UNHCR and other stakeholders regarding a forthcoming report from the Transnational Legal Clinic about the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana. Paoletti was joined by Chelsea Edwards L'15 and Margot Campbell L'14.

In August, Paul H. Robinson gave lectures at the International Criminal Law Conference at Austral University in Argentina, and for the Prosecution Service of the City of Buenos Aires.  In September, Robinson presented at the Student Conference on Criminal Law at the Universidad de Chile.

In October, Christopher Yoo visited Nusa Dua, Indonesia for a panel on "Cyber War, Cyber Weapons and Internet Governance" and a workshop on "Multistakeholderism and the Dynamic Internet on Internet Governance" both hosted by the Global Internet Governance Academic Network.

Highlighted International Events from Fall 2013

"The Future of International Criminal Law in Africa" (September 20)
One-day workshop exploring International law in Africa as it relates to the ICC, African Union (AU) and UN Security Council's inter-related and divergent relationships

Career One-on-One: Chanda Delong L'07 – Working at the IMF (September 25)
Discussion with Chanda Delong L'07, Attorney in the Legal Department of the International Monetary Fund.

Visit by Mexico's Deputy Foreign Minister for North America (September 25)
Visit by Sergio Alcocer, Undersecretary for North American Affairs, Mexican Foreign Affairs Office .
Conference: "Rights Litigation, Law and Political Reform in China" (September 26-27)
Leading rights protection lawyers, scholars, and specialists from the PRC and US gathered to discuss the Chinese rights protection movement.

Career One-on-One: Gary Born L'81 (October 9)
Insight into the field with Gary Born L'81, one of the world's leading international arbitration experts.

Risk Regulation Seminar: "Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development" (October 14)
Team leaders from the World Bank's 2014 World Development Report presented their work just days after the report's launch. 

Talk by Ambassador John Bolton, "America in the World" (October 16)  
Special talk by John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, offering his expertise on American foreign policy in the post-Bush years.

"Scholarship After Snowden" (October 17)
Experts discussed what recent revelations and debates on surveillance mean for a range of disciplines – in terms of scholarship, teaching, and professional practice.

Visit by Consul General for Italy (October 22)
Visit by Dr. Canepari GL'99, the recently appointed Consul General for Italy in Philadelphia, and a graduate of Penn Law's LLM program. 

Career One-on-One: Brian Tronic L'10: International Public Law Fellowships (October 28)
Insight provided by Brian Tronic L'10, past AIF – William Clinton Fellow and current Crowley Fellow at the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice.
"Media Freedom in Russia" (October 30)
Talk by Andrei Richter, Director of the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media; Director of the Moscow Media Law and Policy Institute.

"Insights from Practice: Compliance Issues in a Global Company" (October 30)
Observations from industry experts Bruce N. Kuhlik, General Counsel at Merck & Co. and Peter Y. Solmssen, General Counsel at Siemens AG.

Salzburg Lloyd N. Cutler Fellows Program in Washington DC (November 1-2)
Program connecting 45 of the nation's top law students with leading academics, judges and practitioners in the fields of private and public international law.

JIL Symposium: "International Regulation of Investment in the Rising Powers" (November 8)
Symposium inspired by the complex legal issues of doing business, encouraging economic growth, and tackling poverty in fast-developing regions of the world.

Conference: "India as a Pioneer of Innovation: Constraints and Opportunities" (November 14-15)
Academic experts joined with business and government leaders to debate innovation in India, its successes and challenges, and its implications for world affairs.

Global Forum 2013 on "International Law: From Mere Pluralism towards Constitutionalism" in Tokyo, Japan (November 14-17)
The annual Global Forum bringing together faculty and students from Penn Law, Goethe University, Tsinghua University, and Waseda University to participate in an intensive four-day program examining cutting edge issues in international law from a comparative perspective.

"Destination Brazil: Legal Aspects, Trends, Challenges and Opportunities of Investing in Brazil" (November 21)
Panel Presentation on the record level growth in employment that Brazil has been able to secure despite the many challenges it faces.

ASIL International Economic Law Interest Group: Junior Scholars Research Forum (November 22)
One-day Research Forum providing junior international economic law scholars a forum to present and receive feedback on their works-in-progress jointly hosted by Penn Law and Wharton.

"On the Very Idea of Secret Laws:  Transparency and Publicity in Deliberative Democracy" (November 22-23)
Conference focused on private laws in light of the recent controversy over secrecy, surveillance, and national security. 

Penn Law Hosts Delegation of 25 South American Judges (November 25)
Penn Law Senior Fellow Anthony Scirica met with twenty five judges from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru visited the Law School as part of a larger seminar on "Modern Litigation Issues and Liability."

"The Promise and Limits of Private Power: Promoting Labor Standards in a Global Economy" (December 3)
Risk Regulation Seminar featuring Richard M. Locke, the Howard Swearer Director of the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies.

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