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Global Legal Practice Fellowship

Global Legal Practice Fellowship

Each summer, the Global Legal Practice Fellowship (GLPF) places students in internship positions at local law firms around the world, giving students cross-cultural experience and a better understanding of foreign legal practice.

In today’s global age, lawyers are increasingly expected to analyze international and foreign sources and trends, draw from comparative examples, and reconcile different cultural expectations as they tackle issues in practice. Students entering the legal profession must be detail-oriented and nuanced in their approach to legal issues, and also big-picture global thinkers who adapt quickly to change.

If you are looking for information on international public interest internships, please visit our page on the Global Justice Fellowship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For questions on the Global Legal Practice Fellowship, contact Caroline Ruhle, Associate Director for International and LL.M Counseling.

Student Experiences

Sade Famakinwa

Folasade Famakinwa L’21 on her internship at Aluko and Oyebode, a premier Nigerian commercial law firm.

“As a summer intern, I had the opportunity to put the legal research and writing skills that I had developed over the past year to use in an African context. I had to research questions of Nigerian law, which was a challenge simply because of Nigeria’s relative youth - this was reflected in its legal systems. It forced me to continue to hone my ability to be proactive and search for answers that are not so easily apparent. As a result of this experience, I am committed to pursuing a cross-border practice that deals in African markets.”

Margaret Ledak

Margaret Ledak L’19 on her internship at Bermeo & Bermeo, a boutique IP firm in Ecuador.

Ledak lent her hand to a variety of projects, from preparing evidence for trademark litigation to drafting correspondence between international clients and the Ecuadorian national patent office. “Working at the firm has been great, because I’ve been able to get involved in a variety of aspects of the IP practice area.” “I’ve also been able to work on some corporate matters, such as reviews of international distribution agreements.” Read about Ledak’s full experience.

Ruth Helen Vasslas

Ruth-Helen Vassilas L’18 on her internship at Wiener Soto Caparrós, an Argentinian firm specializing in foreign investment in Latin America

Vassilas quickly received firsthand experience in transnational business law, “One research project involved advising a British client on the applicable Argentine laws for entering a mobile application into the market and running a ‘promotional sweepstakes’…Sweepstakes are not clearly regulated under Argentine law, much less those originating abroad. It proved a tricky legal question and required a good amount of educated legal guesswork.” Read more about Vassilas’s story.

Alicia Zhang

Alicia Zhang L’16 on two very different experiences at firms in Korea and the Philippines

“My summer adventures have been at once challenging and fascinating: an opportunity to discover what cross-border transactional law actually looks like, along with the nuances of living and working in two unfamiliar countries.” Zhang spent the first six weeks of her summer at Barun Law in Seoul, South Korea, and four weeks at SyCip Salazar in Manila, the Philippines. Read more about Zhang’s discoveries.