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Global Legal Practice Fellowship (GLPF)

Global Legal Practice Fellowship

The Global Legal Practice Fellowship (GLPF) is one of two major summer global programs at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. The GLPF supports JD students in pursuing international private-law internships over the summer.

GLPF students take on assignments at local law firms around the world, where they gain cross-cultural experience and a better understanding of foreign legal practice.

In today’s global age, lawyers are increasingly expected to analyze international and foreign sources and trends, draw from comparative examples, and reconcile different cultural expectations as they tackle issues in practice. Students entering the legal profession must be detail-oriented and nuanced in their approach to legal issues, and also big-picture global thinkers who adapt quickly to change.


Student Voices

Alicia Zhang

Barun Law (South Korea) &
SyCip Salazar (the Philippines)

Alicia Zhang reflects on two very different experiences