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Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture

April 4, 2018, 6:30PM - Penn Law


Sharing a personal story is not easy, but it is powerful. Its strength lies in its ability to encourage understanding and break stigmas. With Women Who Don’t Usually Lecture*, our aim is to create a platform for women whose captivating personal experiences often go unheard in the public sphere or challenge “conventional” norms.

Our speakers won’t be academics, lawmakers, or CEOs, and the talks won’t be about mind-blowing achievements or groundbreaking research. On our stage, diverse women will talk about their lives and about what it means to be them.

By hearing from and collaborating with various “women who don’t usually lecture,” we hope to bring new and thought-provoking perspectives to the broader Penn community.

*This event was inspired by the event “People Who Don’t Usually Lecture,” produced by ZE.ZE. organization based in Israel.



Leadership Committee:

Talya Kornitzer, LLM ’18

Ortal (Tuli) Mendelawe, LLM ’18

Rana Ozer, LLM ’18

Anusha Ramesh, LLM ’18