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Spring 2011 - Globalization of Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law: The U.S., Japan, and International Law Reforms

The Spring 2011 seminar, led by Professor Charles Mooney, examined bankruptcy and insolvency laws from comparative and international/cross-border perspectives. The seminar focused primarily on international law reform projects undertaken in recent years. Matters covered during meetings included: basic principles of bankruptcy and insolvency law, particular statutory frameworks of the U.S. and Japan, cross-border cooperation in insolvency cases, comparative legal analysis, and the role of ‘legal culture’ in comparative analysis, with an emphasis on the U.S. and Japan. The class conducted hands-on research during an eight-day field research visit to Tokyo over Spring Break. While in Tokyo students observed a symposium conducted by leading Japanese bankruptcy and insolvency law experts. The group held meetings and interviews with Japanese bankruptcy lawyers and other professionals, such as commercial and investment bankers, government regulators, judges, central bankers, and legal academics.