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Global Justice Fellowship (GJF)

Global Justice Fellowship

The Global Justice Fellowship (GJF) at the University of Pennsylvania Law School helps support JD students interested in international public interest internships during summer break.

To complement the Law School’s course offerings and clinical opportunities, the GJF provides students with opportunities to gain first-hand experience in promoting and advocating for global justice.

Many students come to law school eager to explore international and comparative human rights and rule of law issues. This program is designed to immerse students in the law and legal culture of another part of the world and to work on the most pressing global issues facing the world today.

If you are looking information for on international internships in the private sector, please visit our page on the Global Legal Practice Fellowship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

For questions on the Global Justice Fellowship, contact Caroline Ruhle, Associate Director for International and LL.M Counseling.

Student Experiences

Kimberly Grambo and the Dalai Lama

Kimberly Grambo L’19

“In addition to conducting substantive research on legal threats to free media in South Asia, I met and worked with a fierce group of democracy defenders throughout my fellowship, who introduced me to a broad and interconnected web of challenges to the rule of law in the region.” 

2016 Professionalism Day Headshots

Allyson Reynolds L’19

“The ICC aims to hold individuals, rather than States, accountable for the most serious crimes of concern to the international community such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. My greatest privilege this summer was learning from and working alongside individuals with a vast spectrum of experiences, all dedicated to the pursuit of international criminal justice through ending impunity.” 

“I have become acquainted with the Inter-American System and navigating its different standards and complex legal issues.” 

In the summer of 2019, Eduarda Lague L’21 worked a summer placement at the Center for Justice and International Law in Buenos Aires where she researched and wrote memos on human rights issues (such as indigenous land rights and forced disappearances by state actors) that were presented to the Inter-American Commission and Court. She also compiled information and data for the GQUAL campaign that works on gender parity in international bodies.

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“A policy paper on the legal mechanisms and diplomatic deficiencies behind the detention of Nepalese migrant workers.”

John Peng L’19 spent the summer working with the Center for Migration and International Relations, a local NGO based in Kathmandu. Peng traveled to various migrant communities to interview returning workers on their detention experiences.

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Summer Employment Dispatches

Leah Wong L’18

Read more about Leah’s summer work experience in her Pathways to the Profession series. 

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Maura Douglas L’18

Read more about Leah’s summer work experience in her Pathways to the Profession series. 

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Student Videos