Global Human Rights Certificate

Penn Law

Fall 2012

This is not a comprehensive list, but spotlights the type of courses that might be considered on a petition basis.


EDUC 514 - Education in Developing Countries

This seminar will cover a number of topics in human development (e.g., fertility, health, sex-roles) and education (e.g., pre-school interventions, literacy campaigns, non-formal education, technology innovations) in developing countries that have received attention from researchers and policy planners, and in the work of international agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO, World Bank and USAID.

PUBH 519 - Issues in Global Health

This course presents an overview of issues in global health from the viewpoint of many different disciplines, with emphasis on economically less developed countries. Subjects include: millennium goals; measures of disease burden; population projections and control; environmental health and safe water; demography of disease and mortality; zoonotic infectious diseases; AIDS and HIV prevention; vaccine utilization and impact; eradication of polio virus; chronic diseases; tobacco-associated disease and its control; nutritional challenges; social determinants of global health; harm reduction and behavioral modifications; women’s reproductive rights; health economics and cost-effective interventions; health manpower and capacity development; bioethical issues in a global context.