Featured Research

Tom Baker and Sean J. Griffith, Ensuring Corporate Misconduct: How Liability Insurance Undermines Shareholder Litigation (Chicago 2011)
Penn Law Professor Tom Baker shows how corporate directors and officers liability insurance blunts the deterrent effects of U.S. securities regulation.

David Skeel, The New Financial Deal: Understanding the Dodd-Frank Act and Its (Unintended) Consequences (Wiley 2010)
Penn Law Professor David Skeel dissects the recent financial reform legislation and argues that it gives largely unfettered discretion to regulators.

Daniel F. Spulber and Christopher S. Yoo, Networks in Telecommunications: Economics and Law (Cambridge 2009)
Penn Law Professor Christopher Yoo analyzes theories of network design and offers a law and economics theory of network architecture.

Cary Coglianese, Adam Finkel, & David Zaring, Import Safety: Regulatory Governance in the Global Economy (2009)
New book by PPR editors and authors analyzes the challenges of protecting consumers from harmful products in an era of increasing global trade.

Steven G. Calabresi and Christopher S. Yoo, The Unitary Executive: Presidential Power from Washington to Bush (Yale 2008)
Penn Law Professor Christopher Yoo argues that presidents throughout American history have propounded views of a unitary executive.

Matthew D. Adler & Eric A. Posner, New Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis (Harvard, 2006)
Penn Law Professor Matthew Adler (with Eric A. Posner) reconceptualize cost-benefit analysis in New Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis, arguing that its objective should be overall well-being rather than economic efficiency.

Cary Coglianese et al., Transparency and Public Participation in the Rulemaking Process (George Wash. Univ. L. Rev., 2009)
Professor Coglianese leads nonpartisan task force offering regulatory reform recommendations for the new Administration.

Adam Finkel, National Research Council, Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment (2008)
PPR Executive Director Adam Finkel serves on NRC panel that recently issued risk assessment recommendations.

Robert Hornik et al., Effects of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign on Youths (Am J Public Health, Dec 2008)
Professor Hornik leads study finding U.S. anti-drug campaign was ineffective and possibly even counterproductive.